Outfit: The £5 Dress of Dreams

Sage Dots 1

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved a bargain. Nothing gets my heart pounding like the knowledge that I’ve just scored something I’ve fallen in love with for a fraction of it’s original price! I’m not really sure where it stems with, but I grew up in a time when Brand names were everything and if you weren’t wearing the things that were considered ‘cool’ your life wasn’t worth living, and we didn’t really have the money to keep up with that kind if image, so perhaps it’s an overhang from the joy and relief that I’d feel when I managed to find something suitably trendy enough to be socially accepted that we could actually afford (thank God those days seem to be long behind us, amirite??) Either way, it is a skill that has done me well in life – I am an expert sale shopper, a season eBay shopper and love a little rummage at a charity shop so have managed to keep my fashion addiction well fed without ever living beyond my means.

It has it’s downsides of course. It did take me a few years to hone my skills and realise that cheap doesn’t always mean a good deal, and that a bargain is only a bargain if it is something you already wanted in the first place. The thrill of getting a hefty deduction off something has meant in the past that I’ve ended up splurging on things I didn’t really need or realised were impractical or not my style at all, so I’ve had to become a little more sensible over the years at not being sucked in by a tempting offer or the lure of a sparkly sequined dress that I have no occasion to wear. Sometimes that literally means avoiding going into a store if I know there is an end of season sale on and once I almost knocked over a display in Selfridges trying not to look at a 70% off shoes rack! So normally heavy discounters like Shein or Everything5pounds.com are areas to cross at my peril. Still, I’m only human, and had to check out what was on offer at east once, right? All in the name of research!

As luck would have it, Everything5pounds.com came up trumps for me, and appears to be the exception to the rule when it comes to the concept that nothing that cheap could possibly be good quality. Rather than simply selling low cost clothing, they essentially act as a on outlet retailer for High Street labels and most of what is on offer is just the same as you would pick up in a store or branch, albeit probably ex-factory or out of season stock. I wrote a full review here if you are interested in hearing my thoughts, but this sweet little pastel polka dotted frock was my favourite piece from my purchases and has been worn so many times this Summer that I must be averaging about 50p a wear by now! I’m head over heels about the pretty ice creams shades, and it’s that perfect length of just above the knee which means I can get my legs out without worrying about inadvertently flashing my knickers to the world! Win!

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I’m not 100% certain what exactly the point of this little tale is, to be honest! I guess maybe that I stand by the fact that sensible and restrained in your shopping choices, and that all that glitters isn’t gold – but that doesn’t mean that there is no such thing as a bargain!

What’s your most impressive bargain?



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9 thoughts on “Outfit: The £5 Dress of Dreams

  1. Oh my gosh Steph this dress is Gorgeous on you !!! And to get it for a steal at 5 pounds ( I dont have the pound symbol on keyboard!) it is great to find a bargain, My best deal was $4 for a black floral maxi dress ! So exciting . Your bag and shoes go great with the dress , such a pretty and feminine look. Thanks for post , hugs, Terri xo.

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