August Lust Haves

Oh my. It’s September today. It’s frickin’ September today. Did you know, it is September today?? Yes, obviously you did, because this isn’t news to anyone, except for me it seems. I literally have no idea how it came to pass that I was having a lovely old time enjoying the Summer and all it’s lovely sunshine and then I woke up one day and out of nowhere it was SEPTEMBER. It’s been an alarming morning so far….

Regular readers will know, I don’t like Winter. I know it isn’t actually Winter yet, merely Autumn, but guess what – I DON’T LIKE AUTUMN EITHER!! It’s always swanning around pretending to be the ‘pretty’ month and going, ‘Ooooh, look at me! Look at all my pretty colours and crunchy leaves! Don’t you just want to wrap up in a big ol’ scarf and go apple picking and drink pumpkin flavoured things??’ and everyone around me seems to get caught up in the lie because they’re all, ‘I LOOOOOOVE AUTUMN, IT’S SO HASHTAGTOTESAMAZE’ but it simply is not. I mean, maybe it is, if you live in New England or something. But I don’t, I live in standard old English England, and here, Autumn aint a thing. It’s just a few weeks before Winter where the weather is about two degrees milder and there is less snow, but equal rain and endless grey, so seriously? I don’t get why everyone is so excited about it…..

Well that was an awkward rant to start things with! Anyway, moving on to the point of the post, the one good thing about the changing of a season should be the excuse to shop, right? Not yet, for me. That time will come – if I know me well it will be the exact point the Autumn appropriate clothing is just leaving the stores and I will spend weeks crying to you all about how I missed out on the ankle boots I wanted. But for now I’m still desperately clinging on to Summer, and everything I’m lusting over is still distinctly Summery looking.

Case in point, these sandals:

Aug 18 Lust 1
Green Sandals, Primark, £10 (In Store Only)

Primark is actually doing a darn good job at stocking lovely Autumnal treats, but my heart is blanking them ut right now and instead has zero’d in on these rather lovely deep green sandals, which I’d be able to wear for about 5 more minutes before my toes got frostbite. They’re kind of an Autumny colour though, right? Maybe I’m getting there slowly…

This is not Autumny in the slightest though:

Aug 18 Lust 4
GP & J Baker for H&M, £24.99

Ever since I bought my first GP & J Baker for H&M dress last month I’ve been completely obsessing with the rest of the beautiful prints in the collection, and this one in particular is calling to me. It also comes in a darker print which would be totally Autumn appropriate with boots and a leather jacket. I don’t want that one though, I want this pretty, pastel, totally Summer one. Because I’m an idiot.

While we’re on the subject of GP & J Baker though…:

Aug 18 Lust 5
GP & J Baker for H&M, £34.99

I saw these trousers when I first bought the dress, and I think I might love them almost as much. Only thing is, the jury is still out on whether or not I can pull it off. But that print. Oh that beautiful print!

How about this one?

Aug 18 Lust 3
Gwen Dress, Joanie Clothing, £38

This could be totally Autumn appropriate, right? It’s yet another little printed dress though and I have about a million already, but at least if I bought this one I’d get a bit more wear out of it? Maybe I really am coming around to this Autumn thing after all!

Wait, scrap that:

Aug 18 Lust 2
Honor Dress, Lindy Bop, £34

Yeah, I totally want this dress and there is absolutely no way I will find any use for it at all until at least April by my guess. Forget about me, I’m a lost cause – go save yourselves!

What have you all been lusting over? I hereby challenge you to show me some stuff that might actually make me enjoy getting dressed in the next few months!



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9 thoughts on “August Lust Haves

  1. Hi Steph, I agree with you about having Autumn in New England versus standard England! You will have to go stateside sometime in that time of year to experience it. Ooooh those sandals are a bargain! That print on the trousers is sooo pretty! You would look good in them ! The Gwen dress is a standout , love the color and print . I can see e why you want the honor dress such a lovely cut and I love the midriff detail. Check out my latest blog post , I have a really great model showing her dress Terri xo.

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