Outfit: Joanie Clothing ‘Birdie’

Joanie Birdie 2.jpg

Joanie Clothing has kind of been the bane of my life this year. No really! Sounds dramatic and all of that, but every time I feel brave enough to head on over to the website (which let’s face it, is a bit risky at the best of times) I find something else that I don’t really need but desperately want!

The speed at which Joanie has infiltrated into my list as one of my most frequently visited fashion websites is a little alarming. 18 months ago it had just registered on my radar as a rather promising new retro clothing brand that all my favourite bloggers seemed to be wearing – fast forward a year and suddenly around 50% of the year’s purchases appeared to have come from there – oops!

It isn’t hard to see why, of course. Joanie encapsulates everything I love about clothes – girly, feminine, vintage styles which were daytime appropriate and, most importantly, affordable! But what surprised me most is that one of my favourite purchases from my new favourite store was not a frothy 50s style dress or a big circle skirt – the type of pieces that normally had me all hot and bothered, and which Joanie had plenty of. It was this, a humble tea dress!

Now of course, you already know all about my love for the humble tea dress. It is quite possibly one of the most worn styles I own, particularly during the Winter. However despite owning a huge amount of them already I am always on the look out for the ‘perfect’ one, and by golly, I think I might finally have found it!! The shape of this dress is just perfection – it hits at the right point above the knee to be wearable bare legged in Summer, but also has just the right amount of cling in the bust to be extremely flattering – even for the modest of bust like me! And don’t even get me started on the adorable ditsy print and button through detail (I still haven’t found out the answer as to why buttons make everything better by the way  if you know, please tell me the secret as it might help me resist!) I just bloody love it, and I haven’t tried it in my usual tights and boots combo yet!

Joanie Birdie 3Joanie Birdie 5Joanie Birdie 10Joanie Birdie 4Joanie Birdie 6Joanie Birdie 8Joanie Birdie 7Joanie Birdie 9Joanie Birdie

Joanie, if you’re listening, I want this in every print conceivable please!!



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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Joanie Clothing ‘Birdie’

  1. I love Joanie clothing so much! This dress looks absolutely adorable on you, I love how you’ve styled it with the little brown belt, so simple yet so effective. Great post hun ❤

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