Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Qatena Boots

Hey, did anyone notice that I don’t like Winter?? If not, WHY NOT?? You clearly haven’t been reading my blog, following my Insta or sending any time in my general vicinity if this has failed to escape your attention. I bloody HATE it, it’s simple fact.

Normally, the excuse to go shopping and buy new clothes should be something I relish, but even the lure of new coats and knitwear can’t raise a smile. Except, that is, when it comes to Ted Baker boots, because they have managed for the last few years now to produce something that looks a lot like this:

Ted Baker Qateana
‘Qatena’ Boots, Ted Baker, £140

Ah, ankle boot perfection! The shape, the details, the colour – just spot on! And this isn’t the first time either! Last year they gave us Sailly, the khaki coloured beauties that rarely left my feet last Winter. The year before it was Maryne, the most perfect pair of ankle boots you ever did see. And this year’s offering is no less gorgeous. That stylish, classic shae, the classy metal hardware and sweet bow detailing, while subtly different, are all still there. The main change to the programme this year is that along with the expected black and grey shades the stand out colour is this stunning deep mulberry hue which is just ideal for the colder months, and by some strange coincidence an uncanny match for an awful lot of my existing pieces…


Seriously though, how am I supposed to resist??



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