Moments Of Weakness – August

Well, September sure has gotten to a busy start! We’re 10 days in already and I’ve only just got around to writing my monthly round up of purchases! Luckily it isn’t a very long list – I have been pretty well behaved lately, and I’d love to say it’s down to all that busyness, but we all know I’m not interesting enough for that to be the case! Nope, instead it’s more to do with the fact that I just can’t quite bring myself to want any Autumn or Winter clothes just yet. The fact that the Summer is on the way out is undeniable – the temperatures seem to have dropped quite suddenly and any promise of an Indian Summer seems to become less likely as each day slips by, but still, I just can’t make myself want to wear jumpers and tights! I still want to be swanning around in floaty dresses and no jacket! This is good news for the bank account, of course, but the inevitable downfall of course is that by the time I’ve gotten used to the idea anything I would have wanted to get is long gone and you’ll have to listen to me whinge about it forever more… but for now I’m happily ignoring the constant threat of rain and the nippy chill in the air and pretending it’s still August, so my shopping urges have most definitely calmed down over the last few weeks.

That isn’t to say I’ve been completely saintly though. My first send of the month came in the form of a couple of the now Insta-famous button through dresses from eBay that I couldn’t seem to avoid, no matter how hard I tried. I’d seen them a few times before they hit the big time, and was very taken with how simple yet stylish they seemed to be, but the crazy low price tag put me off – I’ve long since been a believer that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. But then I kept seeing some of my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers popping up in them, telling me how pleasantly surprised they were at the value, so I decided to give them a go and picked out a white and a khaki version. With my genuine reluctance to let go of Summer, midi’s quickly become my staple for work until it gets too cold to wear bare legs, so I figured if they worked out I’d get another month or so of wear out of them before Winter kicks in – and my gamble paid off! I’m super happy with these. Don’t get me wrong, they are cheap. But the fabric is better than I expected and they are really very comfortable, so easy to throw on on a dark morning and still look like you made an effort. The buttons are just for decoration and they need a good iron before you wear them, but I’ve worn both a couple of times already and I’m definitely sold!

My next purchase was also Internet inspired! Lou at What Lou Wore 365 always made me very jealous when she posted pics of her blue gingham Richmond trousers by Boden, and even more so when she got the pencil skirt in pink! She was the perfect advert because when I saw these were on sale I had to have them! They might be a little on the bright side, but I’m absolutely crazy about them, and the lovely, thick fabric will mean they will be weather appropriate for a good while yet, so no regrets!

Aug 18 Weakness 3

My final purchase of the month was far more Autumn appropriate, and would you know it, they’ve actually started to make me feel a little better! Leopard print is obviously all over the place at the moment but I don’t quite have the nerve to go the whole hog, so these pony hair boots from Zara are the perfect compromise. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was so taken with footwear, and that says a lot, especially since they are rather casual compared to my usual lust-haves! You will be seeing a lot more of these in the coming months, that is for sure!

Aug 18 Weakness 4

What have you all been buying? Have you resisted the urge to buy a whole new wardrobe or are you sticking to your best loved pieces from last year?



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