Outfit: Unwritten Rules

Stripes Red 2

I love a good breton stripe. This is fact. I mean, I can’t actually count how many times I’ve ‘accidentally on purpose’ dressed up as a sailor on this blog (actually, I can – it’s four! Here, here, here and here!) There is just something so timeless and classic about a breton stripes that always makes me feel more ‘put together’, even if I’m just wearing a simple top with jeans and flats. So, in summary, I wear an awful lot of breton stripes, so I like to consider myself a l’il bit of an expert, if you will.

So, in my senior position as Chief Breton Advisor (yeah, I made myself a title, it makes me feel of value so just go with it…) I feel it within my powers to inform you that there are certain rules when it comes to breton stripes. Two very specific ones, in fact…

The first is that when wearing breton stripes, at least 70% of the time you must also be wearing red shoes. Don’t ask me why, it’s just fact. Nothing looks quite as good as a bright red shoe with those lovely nautical lines. You can, of course, wear pretty much any colour you want really, because they go with everything, which is part of their appeal. But if you want the truth, none of those clever combos you come up with will ever look as good. Did sailors wear red shoes? No, I’m pretty sure they didn’t. But for some reason it just feels like the ‘right’ thing to do. And to be frank, when the result looks that good, who am I to argue? I hereby declare it fashion law!

And the second rule? Well, that one is obvious; never, ever, under any circumstances allow anyone to tell you you don’t need another breton top. You ALWAYS need another breton top. Because no matter how many you already own, you will never actually find the all true perfect one. It’s the holy grail – you will search and search forever but it will remain elusive. Still though, you have to at least attempt to have one for every occasion possible, soooo….. And if that person doesn’t already know this? Well to be honest I don’t really know why you’re wasting your time with them, they clearly know NOTHING!

Stripes Red 5Stripes Red 3Stripes Red 7Stripes Red 9Stripes Red 6Stripes Red 4Stripes Red 8Stripes Red 1Stripes Red 10

What would you impose as fashion law?



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12 thoughts on “Outfit: Unwritten Rules

  1. Hey Steph – do you have any recommendations for Breton tops? I feel like I gaze at Boden’s offerings each season but then don’t end up committing until it’s too late and all the best colours are sold out. Would be great to get your thoughts on the best ones you’ve tried in terms of fit and quality.

    Loving the dress with the red sandals by the way! You’re dead right about red footwear with stripes! It’s just a shame that it won’t be sandal weather much longer 😞


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    1. Ooh great question! If you are happy to spend a bit more for quality, you can’t go wrong with Boden, Joules or The White Company. Joules often do ones with added florals or prints too which makes a nice change. If you’re after something a bit more cheap and cheerful, H&M always have a great range of bretons, but they don’t last much longer than a year or so with regular washing. I also got a great one from Zara more recently that was an absolute bargain at under a tenner and I was really impressed with the quality! And for the fun factor try Joanie Clothing – they normally have a few on offer with cute little logos or slogans on!


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