City vs Country – The Case For Country

July 18 22

When I took the plunge and moved in with my boyfriend a year ago, it was a big decision.

Moving in with a boyfriend is always a big decision, of course, but even more so when the previous two years have carried challenges like mine did. But that was actually not what concerned me. We’ve been through some tough times, it’s true, but I knew I wanted nothing more than to see him every night when I went to sleep and every morning when I woke up (aww, gross…) No, while these things of course made me anxious, they weren’t what was really holding me back. The big thing was that this lovely house he wanted me to move into was out in the countryside, 50 miles away from my home and my job and my loved ones.

50 miles isn’t a huge distance, of course, but I’m a city girl through and through. I’ve always loved the countryside, and could see the appeal of all that peaceful stillness and beautiful scenery. But was I really cut out for that? Could I really bear to leave the buzz and convenience of living in the city for the quiet life? Well, as it turns out, yes! I could! Ever since moving here I’ve been surprised at how easily I’ve slipped into the slower pace of life, and how much I look forward to retreating to our quiet little home after being at work in the city all week. It’s become a part of my life I’ve come to really cherish, and here’s why…

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It’s oh so quiet….. 

I feel like I’ve written the word quiet about a hundred times in this post already, and also that using the word to describe country life is probably a bit of a stereotype, but it’s true. I can’t really describe the sense of peace I feel taking the dog out after a long week at work or sipping a G&T in the garden and hearing nothing but the birds coming in to roost and the breeze rustling the trees. When you’ve lived in the city as long as I have you become accustomed to the constant noise, to the point you don’t hear it anymore. Frequently I mocked Danny for his belief that he referred the quiet of the countryside, branding him overly sensitive, but turns out it’s true. It really IS quiet here, and it’s lovely!

It’s far more photogenic….

Now, plenty of bloggers have made their bread and butter from beautifully curated urban shots, but I have to admit, even with my city roots I have always preferred a backdrop full of nature than bricks and graffiti. I’m just not cool, you see, so a classic country lane or beautiful flower wall are far more my style for outfit photos, and they are far easier to comeby around here!

People are friendlier….

I thought this was surely a stereotype too, but people really are friendlier out in the sticks! Sure, in my youth I made many a friend on a crazy night out in bustling bars or crowded nightclubs, but I also had daily disputes with rude commuters, people that barged in front of me in cues or just generally gobby people I passed in the street and apparently looked at wrong. In my village, neighbours introduce themselves and bring you care packages. They offer to drive you home in the middle of the night when they pass you walking back from the next village along after a Bonfire Night event (I’ll admit that one scared me, but turns out it is considered normal and perfectly safe behaviour around here!) We know the local taxi driver by name, and out local curry house once sent someone to pick us up from the pub when we called to book a table! And I can’t count the number of times complete strangers have stopped us to ask if we’re the couple from number 1 with the lovely wall, because they wanted to congratulate us on building the lovely wall! It’s a very lovely feeling, being welcomed into a community. I just hope we don’t do something to disgrace ourselves (my money is on Bonnie, I’m pretty sure they don’t yet know it was her that got off her lead and chased the sheep on New Years Eve…)

Bonnie loves it…

Speaking of which, the final and most important reason is that our beloved pooch just absolutely adores it here. She has always been an anxious little soul, scared of crowds, spooked by loud noises and absolutely terrified of anything with wheels! She found it hard to enjoy her walks after dark in the city, always convinced there was something lurking out there in the dark waiting to get her. Out here though, she’s like a different doggy! She begs to be let out and romp in her garden and she relished her long walks in the fields off the lead. It’s so warming to see her bounding around, wagging her tail and loving life, that I couldn’t regret moving out here for a minute. If Bonnie is happy, I’m happy!

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How about you? Are you a city slicker at heart or a country bumpkin?



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