Outfit: Shopping My Closet

Yellow Red 3It’s hard to believe it now that the leaves are falling and the air is decidedly chilly, but there once was a time this year when it felt like the hot weather would never end. (Yes, I’ve forgotten what that felt like, ALREADY!) Plenty of people took to social media to bemoan how terribly awful it was, the condition of their hair in the humidity, the uncomfortable commutes, the state of their poor, parched gardens – and all of those things were true. But I am certain I was a lizard in a former life or something, because to me it was heaven! I relish the sunshine and the warmth, and I couldn’t get enough of it (oh god, I just remembered what it felt like, and now all we have to look forward to is the doom and gloom of an English Winter, woe is me!!) No, I was happy for it to continue pretty much forever, even if it did mean a slightly frizzy barnet and the odd embarrassing sweat patch….

There was one slight problem though, and that was finding things to wear. Not at the weekend, you understand. Weekends were just a joyful blur of slip dresses and shorts. But during the week, when I had to drag my reluctant backside into the office, I had to get creative, because as much as my job allows for a fairly casual dress code, I do like to make sure I still look professional, and maintaining that work appropriate look while keeping cool isn’t always the easiest, and once I’d gone through my usual repertoire of 50s style frocks and circle skirts I really had to start digging deep into the depths of my wardrobe to keep things fresh!

And that is how I came to rediscover this ancient little loose shift dress, a bargain buy from Primark almost too long ago to remember. Ironically these pics were taken on a day when I worked from home and didn’t have to go into the office at all, which is probably just as well because it is a little on the short side, but I was very grateful for the lightweight material and loose fit on such a sweltering afternoon! Yellow isn’t a colour I wear too often as you know, but it felt fitting somehow with all that glorious sunshine!

Yellow Red 6Yellow Red 4Yellow Red 8Yellow Red 7Yellow Red 2Yellow Red 10Yellow Red 9Yellow Red 5Yellow Red 1

Oh sunshine. How I’m going to miss you! Don’t be gone too long now! (No seriously, my well being depends on it…)



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