Sunday Shopping – White Ankle Boots

As I sit here typing out this post, about to show you a little round up of white ankle boots that I’d quite like to own, I am trying to picture what 16 year old Steph would be thinking. ‘White. Ankle. Boots. Really??’ is my best bet. She would definitely be doing that raised eyebrow, ‘okaaaaaay’ kind of face, because she had just started to learn sarcasm and thought it made her look untouchable and cool. Either way, she would not be impressed. She would gleefully mock me, for sure, because white ankle boots are not okay in her world. Not ok at all.

I guess I couldn’t blame her for feeling slightly confused by this admission of mine that I am seriously thinking about adding a pair to my repertoire. White shoes in general don’t have a history of being considered the classiest of footwear. And up until very recently I probably would have agreed that they looked a little, let’s say, cheap. But then comes the power of Instagram! Lately I’ve seen a few of my favourite ‘Grammers and bloggers rocking them in some surprisingly lovely ensembles, and, well, I’m sold! I love the retro 60’s vibe they give an outfit, and have realised that the lighter tone could make it very easy to drag a bit of extra wear out of my lighter coloured, summery printed dresses that don’t look quite right with black. Only thing I can’t decide on now is the style! Do I want to go for my usual smart, slender heeled and pointed toe, or something a little chunkier and more casual? Decisions, decisions…. While I ponder that, why don’t you check out some of the boots that have cured this life long aversion of mine…:

In This Post: 1. New Look, £25.99 – 2. Office, £90 – 3. Office, £90 – 4. Miss Selfridge, £32 – 5. River Island, £50 – 6. Zara, £89.99 – 7. Zara, £89.99 – 8. Office, £89 – 9. River Island, £50

So – thoughts? Are you a convert or are they just not doing it for you?



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