Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Sandra Coat

I started writing this post last week, and had planned to begin with my usual little ramble, this time about the weather and the drawing in of the evenings and how the season has most definitely turned, and then something strange happened. In the same week I had started wearing ankle boots pretty much religiously, gave in and turned the heating on and finally started to get excited about Wintery clothes, it got warm. Not just slightly warm either, a balmy 21 degrees warm, which admittedly this year doesn’t seem all that impressive, but in previous years without that crazy heat wave we’d have considered fantastic weather! So it feels a little odd to be waxing lyrical about a coat right now, but I’m sure the sunny sell won’t last too long so I’ll press on as originally intended….

Here is the coat in question:

Ted Baker Sandra
Sandra Coat, Ted Baker, £329

Ted Baker have always, in my opinion, had a certain knack for producing incredibly stylish coats. So impeccably turned out, in fact, that I’d almost be happy to wear them as a dress if it wasn’t for the fact my office has a micro climate of it’s own and I’d probably die of heat exhaustion! There is just something about the clean lines, feminine shape and smart little metallic details that makes them stand out – I could probably spot a Ted Baker coat at 20 paces. In fact, I know I could – just ask Dan, I’m frequently informing him via a not so subtle whisper as some lucky lady saunters past rocking one. Yeah, I’m that annoying…!

My obsession with their outerwear started a couple of years ago with this rather stunning bright pink ‘Nevia’ coat – I’d been swooning after it for months, and almost buckled when it went down to half price in the Brandalley sale I was writing about at the time. I told myself I shouldn’t, however, because fuchsia, while gorgeous, isn’t the easiest shade to match, so I resisted the urge to make it mine. This one, this one though, does not have that problem. Not only is that deep forest green just beautiful, it also happens to be a bit of a recurring shade in my Winter wardrobe. And how awesome would it look with my leopard boots??

Here’s hoping this one also ends up half price, because sadly upwards of £300 is a price I can’t justify right now. Not that I don’t think it would be worth every penny!



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