September Lust Haves

Guys, it finally happened. I finally let the Autumn in. I mean, I’m not wearing tights yet or anything, but I have dusted off the trench coat, the ankle boots and started making casseroles so I guess the rest is inevitable. I have accepted that Summer and warm days and seeing daylight have come to an end for another year, and as sad as I am about that, I’m over it. That sinking feeling of dread and constant weariness has started to subside, and I’m even a teeny tiny bit excited about the thought of Christmas lights and mulled drinks and using the open fireplace in our living room!

Of course, this also means my shopping urges are back with a vengeance unfortunately, because this lovely lot have appeared hard and fast on my radar and are keeping me awake at night…

Firstly, how gorgeous is this pale pink trench coat from Primark?

Sept 18 Lust 5
Blush Trench Coat, Primark, £25 (In store only)

I know I don’t really need another trench as it is usually only warm enough to wear one for a trench for about 6 weeks before the Winter kicks in, but I’m totally head over heels for this one. That lovely blush pink is such a nice twist on the usual camel, and what you can’t tell from the ics is that it is made of the loveliest, softest fabric. It’s a real beauty, but the one thing that has stopped me from buying it thus far is the almost certain knowledge that it probably isn’t even the slightest bit showerproof. But you can’t have it all for £25, right??

I bet these are showerproof though:

Sept 18 Lust 1.jpg
‘Brandy’ Ankle Boots, Topshop, £36

How fab are these Topshop boots?! I can’t really justify them because just last week I treated myself to another pair of red ankle boots, though admittedly they were suede and stiletto heeled so I feel like there could still be room for them in the collection….

How about this little beauty?

Sept 18 Lust 2
‘Harley’ Velvet Dress, Joanie Clothing, £45

Velvet came back in in a big way last Christmas and I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not getting myself a luxurious frock for the festive season. I reckon this one fits the bill just nicely. It also comes in black, and a deep red which is rather lovely, but it’s this deep forest green that has won my heart!

While we’re on the subject of Joanie Clothing…:

Sept 18 Lust 3
‘Tiggy’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, £45

I rather liked their ‘Tiggy’ dress when it first featured earlier this year, but the orange colour it came in wasn’t quite my cup of tea. This one though, this one is exactly the kind of thing I could see me rocking through the Winter months! I love the boho 70’s vibe it has, and that green hue is one I can easily work with my existing collection! It also comes in a polka dot version, which I’m trying really hard not to think about because I already have so many polka dot dresses!

Speaking of which…:

Sept 18 Lust 4
Pleated Midi, Oasis, £42

Here it is again, this time in the form of a lovely, floaty pleated midi skirt from Oasis. Since I’ve been wearing them on repeat recently I think we can all agree I’d have no trouble working this one into an ensemble. In fact, I’d style it pretty much exactly as they have here! Trouble is though, where on earth would it live??

Time for a clear out, perhaps…

Happy October, everyone!



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14 thoughts on “September Lust Haves

    1. I’m getting strangely into knitwear this year! I just never feel like I look good in casual clothes but I can’t stop wanting to buy snuggly jumpers!


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