Outfit: Mint & Purple

Mint & Purple 1

Guys, I’ve finally thought of another reason to get excited about Winter! It will bring with it opportunities to get all glammed up again!

Now, I’m a lady that likes to rock a frock. I wear dresses the vast majority of the time, and I’m never afraid to turn up to work looking a little bit like a Stepford Wife. It just feels natural! But while to most this is the very epitome of being ‘dressed up’, and indeed many people greet me with a bemused question about where I’m off to in my gladrags when I’m in truth just off to the supermarket or something, but to me this is just normal daytime attire. What I really love, beyond all the sweet Lindy Bop dresses and big circle skirts, is evening wear.

I live for a bit of glitter or sequins, fancy fabrics and skyscraper heels. Nights out are when the ‘special’ dresses come out, the big earrings and one of the vast array of clutch bags I have languishing under the bed. Heck, I might even be convinced to slap on some eyeshadow and a brightly coloured slick of lipstick! Yep, I love nothing more than to head out somewhere all dolled up and pretend I’m the fun kind of person that does this all the time!

I don’t do it all the time though, sadly. With every passing year opportunities to get dressed to the nines become less and less frequent. Indeed, these photos were taken the last time I went ‘out’ out, and they were all the way back in July! As much as I love this darling little ‘Debutante’ dress by ASOS with its full, stiff skirt and pretty pastel shade (which combined with that violet hue is one of my current favourite clashes!) it still isn’t quite up to the level of full on glamour that Christmas outings allow, so BRING IT festive season! I’m ready for you and all your sparkliness!

Mint & Purple 9Mint & Purple 7Mint & Purple 5Mint & Purple 2Mint & Purple 4Mint & Purple 6Mint & Purple 10Mint & Purple 3Mint & Purple 11Mint & Purple 8

Do you love to get dressed up it are you more of a ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of girl?



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13 thoughts on “Outfit: Mint & Purple

  1. Love how you mix up the colors and styles especially since not everyone can wear a mint colored dress! Have to say that it suits you very well 🙂

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  2. Hi Steph, isnt it a little frustrating when you turn up in your normal daytime attire and people think you have a special event to attend? You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress combined with the necklace, belt shoes and clutch. I hope you get to go out out soon! I love to get dressed up too, but with 4 kids the time to do so is slim so I mostly as you have said wear a nice top and jeans! But on htose occasions when I have time, watch out world! Have a nice day Dear, Terri xo.

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    1. Thanks Terri! Yep, I’m always getting asked, ‘Where are you going all fancy??’ as though I’m wearing a ball gown or tiara or something! What can I say, I like to make an effort! x


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