September Round Up

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September has never been my favourite month, it has to be said. Perhaps it’s a hangover from my childhood years and the dread of Back to School days, but September to me does nothing but conjure up a sense of weariness. It is dull. It is grey. It is wet. The air is far nippier and while in previous months it smelt of freshly cut grass and distant barbeques, it now smells of mulchy leaves and damp coats. It doesn’t help that the sun starts rising later and setting earlier, making life seem like an endless cycle of work and sleep. Yep. It is all a little dreary and sad to me, and makes me want to curl up in a little ball under a snuggly blanket and hide from the world.

This September, though, has been a refreshing change to the norm! While it’s definitely decidedly Autumnal out there, those pleasant temperatures have stuck around, meaning I STILL haven’t broken out the tights just yet! Drizzly days have been few and far between and we’ve had no end of gorgeous sunsets – in fact, we’re being treated to the kind of Autumn everyone always harps on about on Instagram! I kind of get what they were talking about now! On top of that, we’ve pretty much finished the kitchen and life has been returning to normality, so all in all, it’s been another very enjoyable month!

We started off on a high – in order to take a break from a busy day of DIY and gardening, on the 1st Dan and I took a trip to Nottingham Racecourse for the annual Vintage Carnival. I was super excited to pop on one of my favourite retro dresses and see what treats were on offer, especially as we had awoken to blazing sunshine that day! I chickened out from going fully pin up and wearing a petticoat but I won’t make that mistake again – everyone there had really made an effort and got dressed up in their finest vintage outfits which was lovely to see! We spent a lovely couple of hours there watching some vintage dancing and live bands, eating and drinking delicious treats from all the street food vendors (we particularly loved the pop up tiki bar on the roof!) and drooling over all the beautiful classic cars. How I managed to walk away without a new dress or at least a bit of jewellery I’ll never know, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for next years event!

The following weekend it was time for my annual work roadtrip! Every year me and one of my support teams head out on the road to visit our businesses in another city to meet the managers and share feedback and ideas. It is always fantastic to get to finally put a face to the voices you speak to on a regular basis and thanks to the hard work my team put in to help keep the businesses running we are always met with a warm welcome and are spoiled beyond belief! This year was no exception as we headed over to Bristol for a couple of days. It was an exhausting day trying to make sure we got to visit as many of our pubs as possible but we loved every moment and were in awe of some of the amazing work they’re doing out there. Our favourite had to be a personal cocktail making session hosted by Browns, but each and every one of the teams we visited looked after us so well! We also loved the city itself, which I haven’t visited since my University days so I think I’ll be planning a trip there soon to spend a little more time exploring!

The week that followed was also full of treats! On the Tuesday I met with some of my favourite ladies to watch Youngblood Brass Band (think jazz slash hip hop rather than Salvation Army – it was a lot cooler than it sounds!) and had a fantastic evening having a bit of a boogie and generally fangirling over what incredible skills all of them have. We last went to see them here, and we had a good giggle to ourselves about that post and how miserably we failed at the pledge I made in it to do more mid-week dancing! My age seems to have caught up with me far quicker than I expected! A couple of days later I had the pleasure of a tour around the Purity Brewery which was a treat from work for a Team Building event we recently held. Purity are local craft beer distillers and it was fascinating (and very humbling) to see the process, meet the (surprisingly tiny) team and hear the stories behind the brand and their beers. Of course, getting to sample them was also a welcome addition… The most impressive thing is the work they do to reduce wastage – it’s amazing to think a small company like this are doing it and yet so many mass retailers who have the funds and resources aren’t! I am now officially a fan of theirs, and will always happily pay a little more for their products!

Next up came a little trip away. We headed back down south to visit some friends in Dorchester and were treated to the loveliest weather while there which meant we got plenty of time to do my all time favourite thing – hang out at the seaside! No-one gets more excited by the sea than this girl – must be because I’m starved of it living in the Midlands! We also visited a local cider farm (I swear I do things other than drink alcohol sometimes!!) which again was fascinating! Cider has never been my normal drink of choice but we tried some great ones which might just change my mind! My favourite thing though was that Bonnie came with us, which really made it feel like a little holiday! That and the rhubarb and custard ice cream…. that was pretty spesh too!

For Christmas Dan got an aerobatic flight experience which, as it happened, he could do just up the road from my Brother’s house so towards the end of the month we headed down to Surrey to tag on a family visit. As luck would have it, this ended up being the one day that we got genuine September-like weather and the flight got cancelled! But all wasn’t lost, because we had a lovely time hanging out with my nieces, who took us to visit their favourite ice cream shop, Creams. This place had a crazy menu – I am indecisive at the best of times, but when faced with infinite combinations of ice cream, waffles and crepes with sugary, chocolatey toppings, deciding what to have was almost impossible! After much deliberation I went with white chocolate crepes with Kinder Bueno, and if I’m honest it almost killed me…. We then rounded the month of perfectly with a visit from some dear friends from my pub days. We had a truly lovely afternoon soaking in the tub and consuming an alarming amount of Prosecco which my head did not thank me for the next day – particularly as we had a date with a darling one year old on her birthday – but hey, we all have to cut loose and let out hair down sometimes, right?

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How was your September?



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6 thoughts on “September Round Up

  1. Hi Steph , the vintage fair in Nottingham looks so much fun! The dress is gorgeous and will look good with a petticoat too next time! The earrings and brooches are great value. How nice to get to Bristol for a work roadtrip. The band sound like something I would like to see, That purity beer looks so tasty from here . I am afraid Cider is not my thing! I have some bad memories of hangovers from my younger days with it! Great pics of you Dan and Bonnie by the sea . Thanks for a lovely update , Terri xo.

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