Outfit: Impractically Perfect

White Jeans 7

I’m not really into ‘trends’. In fact, I’d go as far as saying sometimes I actively avoid them. There is a little rebellious and completely pretentious streak in me that just completely loses interest in something once it becomes popular. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, for example – can’t even force myself to want to now. I’ve never got balayage. I’m not sure I could even tell you what it is because as soon as more than 7 people started talking about it I switched off. And remember when there was that campaign to Rage Against the Machine to number one to stick one up to Simon Cowell? Well, I was so irritated by everyone telling me to do it that I almost wanted to go out and buy every copy of Joe McEldery’s single just to be awkward. Yes, I really AM a joy to be around – thanks for noticing!

Anyway, it can be both a blessing and a curse, this desire not to do what everyone else is, but there is one area it just doesn’t work, and that is fashion. I’m not a complete fashion victim – I’m 35 after all, and big enough and ugly enough to know what I can and can’t get away with. Yet thanks to our Millennial friend, Instagram, I’ve found myself getting swept up with the crowd far more frequently than I used to. You see, in the last few months I’ve really found my feet with the platform, and have been completely immersed in a lovely community of like minded women in their 30s and 40s, and they all look so damn good all the time. They have really been the key source of inspiration for my outfits lately, and as a result I’ve been trying new things. Like tasseled earrings – I’d never heard of them before last year and now I own them in pretty much every colour going! I also gave in and got two of the insta famous eBay dresses! Of course, there was the H&M X GP & J Baker collection! Couldn’t get enough of it! And don’t even get me started on all the leopard print…

And that, it seems, is how I’ve ended up with a pair of white jeans. White jeans – hardly the most contentious or revolutionary item of clothing, right? You’re probably right, on a normal person. All my Insta ladies look just darn perfect in them. But me? I’m a spiller. Not just any spiller, either, a chronic spiller. If there is something sticky or luridly coloured around, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to spill it, so why on earth do I think it’s a good idea to wear white jeans?? Honestly, I’m not sure I even know who am anymore.

White Jeans 11White Jeans 5White Jeans 3White Jeans 2White Jeans 8White Jeans 12White Jeans 9White Jeans 6White JeansWhite Jeans 4White Jeans 10

Can I really manage to wear them for a whole day without ruining them? Only time will tell friends! Tune in for the next thrilling installment to see how they fare!



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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Impractically Perfect

  1. glad you made an exception and followed the trend – the white denim really suits you! ❤
    PS: I am still refusing to wear uggs :'D that is my contribution the the rebellious habit of not-trending 😉
    xx Eliane

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