5 Easy Halloween Outfits You’ll Want To Wear All Year

Well, I think we can all say that the Summer Heatwave of 2018 is firmly behind us now! Even with that lovely little recurrence of sunshine we had last week, it’s very plain to see that everyone is over the BBQs and Pimms and long lazy days in beer gardens – Autumn is here with a vengeance and don’t we know it. Not only has the weather taken a dramatic turn for the chilly, everywhere you turn you’re greeted with snuggly knitwear, pumpkin spiced everything and adverts urging us to GET COSY AND THINK ABOUT CHRISTMAS!! Which isn’t all that bad a thing I guess, because as much as I am not a fan of weather and the dark nights and mornings this time of year, I am a fan of snuggling up in front of an open fire and all the glitz and sparkle of the festive season, so I guess even I am coming around to the changing of the season. First things first though, because of course we all know that the festive season begins with the creepiest of all holidays, Halloween!

Halloween was never all that big a thing in the UK, with most people giving it a bit of a nod and maybe enjoying getting dressed up for a party, but these days it seems it’s popularity has been resurrected (ooooh see what I did there??) and you can’t move for fake blood, carved pumpkins and faux cobwebs! I have to say I kinda like it – I’ve always been more than happy to look a little silly in the name of fun and we all know I love a theme – but it can’t half get a little pricey, right? I mean, I love dressing up as much as the next person (erm, probably a lot more than the next person to be fair…) but it’s taken me long enough to realise it isn’t a good idea to part with hard earned money for a pretty gown you’ll only wear to one occasion, never mind a spooky outfit you’re only wearing for a laugh, so I’m not really prepared to go splashing the cash! So I’ve become pretty adept at using what I already own to put my outfits together, or at the very least will only buy something I’m confident I can use again other than the odd cheap prop here and there, so here are my top 5 easy outfits, comprised of things so lovely or useful that you’ll forget it was ever part of a gruesome get up!

A Witch

You are not going to win any awards for the most creative outfit here, but it’s a classic, and almost anyone can pull this off without really buying much other than a cheap hat and maybe a broomstick or a bit of face make up! It also offers you the choice of going as scary or as glamorous as you want – witches don’t have to be all green skin and warty noses, not if you’re a girl who grew up in the 90s and was obsessed with The Craft like me…! An all black get up is key, but right now the gothic style midi dresses that are everywhere, like this gorgeous number from Zara, are just perfect for this look. Ankle boots will then finish it off beautifully, along with either your over the top ugly make up or glam smoky eyes and black lippie, and if you can dig out a lace up pair, even better for a touch of authenticity! Maybe you could even go one further and add some stripey tights? Once Halloween is done it’s a perfect all rounder – dressed up with heels for a night out, or layered over boots with a chunky knit it could easily be a firm Winter favourite!

Lace Midi Dress, Zara, £39.99Lace Up Ankle Boots, New Look, £34.99

Creepy Doll

Regular readers will know this is my personal favourite of mine because I love to pop on a bit of dramatic make-up that will make people stop in their tracks – you can read my tutorial from last year here. The other great thing is that being a fan of cute little dresses like I am it was an outfit I was able to pull together without spending a dime! All you need is something suitably girlish – think peter pan collars, or pinafores layered over cute blouses – and a pair of mary janes with your hair in pigtails and maybe a doll or teddy you pilfered off a willing child. Voila! It’s then up to you to go as daring as you like with your face! I was lucky enough to already own the perfect ensemble, but if I didn’t I’d be tempted by this incredibly sweet dress by Yumi, and how adorable are these sparkly Office shoes?? Both of these would have no problem featuring regularly in my wardrobe.

Glittery Mary Jane Shoes, Office, £29 –  Collared Dress, Yumi, £35

A Ghost/Corpse Bride

Most of us will have something floaty and white in our wardrobe for those warmer months and Summer holidays, right? If you do it will help you create not one, but two, Halloween outfits with ease! To turn it into an ethereal ghost girl all you need to do is powder up heavily and go heavy with the dark eyeshadow to create a ‘beyond the grave’ kind of feel. Another top tip is to grey up your hair by liberally spritzing it with dry shampoo without brushing it out – much more healthy and fragrant than those coloured hairsprays you can get! Or knock up a veil with a hairband and some cheap netting a nab yourself a bouquet and you’re good to go as the ill fated bride who never saw the end of her Wedding day! Again, I’d have no problems putting this together with my existing clothes, but this H&M dress is also rather gorgeous and has the added feature of a very slightly Halloweeny bird print which would actually just be pretty in the cold light of day! Added bonus – it’s only £15 in the sale!

Halloween 7
Printed Mesh Dress, H&M, £15

Wednesday Adams

Ahh, the lazy 90s girl’s Halloween outfit of choice! It’s done to death, of course, but so what? It’s cool, it’s very on theme and she’s a character who holds a special place in the hearts of us girls who felt a little angry with the world in our youths! Wednesday is epitomised by her long plaits and a little white collar peeking out of her black A-line dress, making this an incredibly easy look to copy. This style of dress is very easy to come by, especially at this time of year, and makes some very chic work wear when it isn’t in use as a fancy dress outfit! This nicely affordable Matalan frock fits the bill perfectly, but if you don’t want to acquire anything new you can also recreate it by layering a white shirt under a black shift or a long sleeved top with an A-line skirt – easy as (pumpkin) pie!

Halloween 1
Collared Dress, Matalan, £15

Stepford Wife

Now, this would have to be the laziest outfit of all for me, because we all know I have a plethora of 50s style dresses in my wardrobe much like this beautiful Lindy Bop Audrey dress (I have around 6 actual Lindy Bop Audrey dresses, in fact!) It’s also a favourite though, because it feels the most like me and means I don’t feel awkward or out of place which sometimes can happen at Halloween parties – particularly if you turn up and realise no-one has really done much other than throw on a pair of cat ears or devil horns and you’ve gone the whole hog! I personally wouldn’t leave it just down to the housewife outfit – I’d have to go one further and add a nod to the sci-fi story with my make up and go half glam half secret cyborg! A quick Google will pull up oodles of tutorials, so why not give it a go yourself?

Halloween 4
Audrey Dress, Lindy Bop, £35

Whatever you are up to this week, I hope you have fun. Happy Halloween everyone!



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