Outfit: Playing It Safe

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So, my last outfit post was all about me taking risks – ignoring my inner voice and saying, ‘F*** IT!! I’M WEARING IT EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T SUIT ME/ISN’T OCCASION APPROPRIATE/ I’M DEF GOING TO SPILL DOWN IT! WOOHOO! And this post is basically the same. The same, but also completely the opposite, because heck, I just love to be confusing like that, don’t I?

Let me explain. In theory, this post is all about taking risks again. I’m such a lover of fashion, but I’ve already talked recently of my strange and deep rooted desire to rebel against anything loosely considered a ‘trend’, and as much as I’m a fan of sequins, huge heels and giant skirts that quite clearly make me stand out just a tad, inside I’m still the anxiety ridden girl who just doesn’t like the feeling that everyone is looking at her (or reading her twaddle on the Internet in fact…) so I’ve just never really been someone who has the courage to wear anything mildly cool or ‘out there’. I’m really a very generic ‘ooooh look my shoes perfectly match my handbag’ kinda gal at heart, and I’m really okay with that.

Lately though, as you know, I’ve been finding my feet with Instagram and have found myself feeling mightily inspired. See, there are all these fabulous ladies out there rocking all sorts of awesome combos that I just never would have felt brave enough to do before. Crazy colour combos. Girly midi frocks with trainers. Mid week sequins. Head to toe leopard print. You name it, they’ve tried it, and they always look freakin’ amazing while doing it! So every now and then I get all cocky and think, ‘I’m gonna try me some of that!’ and throw caution to the wind, much as I did when I decided to purchase the ill fated white jeans (which, in case you are interested, are still unscathed as we go to press, but I think we all know that is only a matter of time, don’t we….) This time it was prints that got me all over-confident and I decided to give the whole clashing prints thing a go. Previously this would always have remained firmly in the camp of ‘things I’m not cool enough to wear’, and only partly because of my slightly OCD induced desire for everything to be symmetrical. And yet here I am, boring old me, proudly rocking….. drum roll please…… the safest print clash ever. Oh….

Yeah, I copped out. Big time. It is, funnily enough, not a coincidence that the slightly off white colour of my pants perfectly matches the slightly off white colour of my Kate Spade handbag. And I’ve paired stripes with gingham, which is – let’s face it – essentially a print comprised of stripes in two directions. Yeah. I didn’t exactly take the fashion world by storm with this one, did I. But still, I loved it, and it definitely made me feel like maybe I could give a lightly bolder combo a go next time, so baby steps, right?

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In other news, a colleague told me I look ‘businesslike’. I was already happily accepting that as a compliment, but then she followed up by saying, ‘I feel like you might fire me in a minute!’ Not exactly a look I was aspiring too but it’s always nice to feel a bit badass, so I’m taking it as a thumbs up….



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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Playing It Safe

  1. Ahhh I love this post and your writing in this post!! Girl, you pulled this all off flawlessly! LOVE ! This motivates me to be more unique and original with my own style and go against the grain a bit!

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