October Round Up

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And bang goes another month! It seems crazy to be saying so, but October is done and dusted and we’re onto November – the final stretch of the year is upon us and before we know it 2018 will be done! HOW ON EARTH HAS THAT HAPPENED??

Well, much like the rest of the last few months, October turned out to be another beautiful month. We definitely saw the Autumn start to creep toward Winter, with the clocks changing, the nights drawing in and the mornings getting darker, but we also saw those warm temperatures endure and it created the most glorious backdrop to our month. Golden, crunchy leaves. Bright, crisp mornings. It’s been the kind of Autumn I normally say doesn’t exist in the UK, and I’m almost becoming a convert!

We started the month of with a second attempt of getting Dan booked onto his aerobatic flight that got cancelled last month. On his original date, despite us having the best run of good weather since I can remember this year, things all turned a little wintery and it got called off last minute. It was a little disappointing of course, but it did mean we had another excuse to head down to Surrey to spend an evening with my Brother, Sister in Law and adorable nieces so it wasn’t too big an upheaval! This time though, when we awoke the morning after a snuggly night watching Peter Rabbit with the girls and a delicious risotto and catch up over a bottle of wine, the sky was blue without a cloud in sight so we knew it would be all stations go! Sadly I didn’t get to see Dan in action as they can’t fly too close to the airfield, but they filmed a video as he flew, and I have to say, he’s braver than me! What a legend he is!

The following week things got REALLY exciting, because it was time to jet off on holiday! That’s a vast overstatement actually, we didn’t jet off anywhere, we drove to Wales, but it was just as good as a trip abroad! We had sunshine, we had sea, we had picturesque views, and most importantly, we ate and drank our body weight in all things delicious! We stayed in Llandeilo, a gorgeous little market town in Carmarthenshire, right on the edge of the Brecon Beacon National Park. The place was absolutely stunning, and the locals couldn’t do enough to make us feel welcome. There were oodles of opportunities for exploring with the weather so good, and it felt fantastic to get away from it all and spend some quality time with Dan and Bonnie out in the countryside, surrounded by castles and stories of Kings and Queens and Dragons! I have a few posts planned about all the fun we got up to so stay tuned for more on that soon!

After all that fun, coming home was a bit of a crash back to reality – I am not at all good at handling the post holiday blues at all! But there were some highlights! Mainly that we finally pretty much finished the kitchen, and celebrated with a huge roast dinner with Dan’s family since we were away for his Birthday. All we have left to do now is buy some new dining furniture and a couple of pendant lights, and once that’s all done I’ll be sharing all the changes with you – bet you can’t wait for that thrilling update, huh?? We also had the opportunity to attend an annual work event – an award ceremony held at The Hilton in Birmingham, complete with a delicious meal cooked by some of our apprentices and a bar put on by our suppliers. I always look forward to the event, not just because it means I get to throw on a dress and heels, but also because it kind of kicks off the festive season. If there is one style of clothing I love more than all others, it’s party wear, and Christmas brings the most chances to get dolled up in sequins than any other time which makes me very happy indeed! One thing I don’t like quite so much are the champagne hangovers though, they suck. They suck big time…. The most exciting thing of all though is that…. drum roll….. I BOUGHT A CAR!! I have my very own car! I honestly have no idea who thought I was grown up enough to do that, but there you go! Nellie and me (ye, I named her, obvs…) are now besties! Well, that isn’t technically true. We haven’t gotten off to the best start – she doesn’t drive the way I’m used to and our first outing ended with me in tears, but it’s nothing a little more practise won’t resolve!

And that’s about it! Other than Halloween, of course, which was a bit of a non event for us, because despite there being a multitude of trick or treaters in our village, none of them knocked on our door! Possibly because we completely failed to decorate the house! Either way, I’ve been left with a bowl full of goodies to eat up. Such a shame….

How was your October?



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