Outfit: Intro To The Weird Inner Workings Of My Mind (Oh, And An Outfit…)

Autumn Pastels 6

I’m going to start todays post by giving you a little insight into the weird workings of my mind… I know. I spoil you guys, I really do!

It took me hours to write this post. I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth it isn’t better if I spent so long perfecting it, right?? Well, the truth is, that isn’t where the time was spent. I didn’t send hours on it because I was perfecting my art. I wasn’t scrutinising the wording or making sure the photos were edited to perfection. I can’t even blame my old friend writer’s block! Nope, it took me hours because I dithered over it for no reason at all.

I struggled to post this because, SHOCK HORROR, it didn’t fall in the correct order. In fact, it fell out of sync in several ways. Not in ways you would notice. Oh no. Because this order my posts must fall in for all to feel right with the world is stupid. Totally stupid and completely fabricated, but for some reason this order of things is all too important to me. Firstly, you may have noticed that once upon a time there was a very organised structure to my posts. There were certain posts that had to fall on specific days, for example. Mondays had to be an exercise in counting my blessings. On Fridays I drooled over designer goods I’d likely never own. And Saturdays were fimly reserved for shopping inspiration. More recently though, life has started to get very busy indeed, which meant posting was getting harder, and suddenly, faced with the realisation that daily posting just wasn’t something I could maintain going forwards (at least if I wanted to keep my job and have a social life, anyway…) I realised that not only was this obsessive way of categorising what I wrote daft, it was actually extremely restrictive. So I’m through with it – which isn’t to say there will never again be another Happy Monday or Fantasy Friday, just that I am making every effort not to fall victim to OCD posting anymore.

That is easier said than done though, because these rituals are deeper ingrained in me than I realised! It transpires that this self imposed order got even more bizarre. In between those day-specific post I found yet another layer of strategy. Outfit posts had to be interspersed with something else, because no-one wanted to see two of my outfits back to back, right?? And I couldn’t possibly post two travel posts in the same week, could I? Recipes had to fall in between fashion and real-life content had to be carefully planned so I didn’t feel like I talked about myself too much. And the weirdest confession is still yet to come….

The real reason I struggled with this post – since despite my efforts to post more organically and stop obsessing about the order of things, an outfit was quite a natural theme for today – was because I have other outfits yet to be posted that happened before this one. Yep, that was a real problem for my brain. I couldn’t make it accept the fact that months ago I took some other photos that happened slightly before these photos chronologically – it just felt wrong, kind of like eating dessert before dinner. And why couldn’t I just post that outfit first, I hear you ask? Well, because it featured jeans. And my last outfit post featured trousers. So in yet another completely mental act of rationalisation I decided the skirt had to go first. Just to, I don’t know, space things out a bit? Go figure!

And of course the really stupid thing about all of this is that NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES!! Apart from me, of course. No-one would actually notice one tiny little bit if I posted trousers two days in a row or wrote nothing but outfit posts for an entire week. So instead of listening to me prattle on about it any longer, please now take a look at the reason for this embarrassing outpouring existing in the first place – the outfit. It’s a nice outfit. And that is what you’re here for really isn’t it? To look at nice outfits? So here you go, fill your boots….

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8 thoughts on “Outfit: Intro To The Weird Inner Workings Of My Mind (Oh, And An Outfit…)

  1. Mild mental breakdown aside, I love that skirt 😉 And I understand what you are saying, I feel the same. I’ve actually taken quite a few outfit pictures recently but I feel I need to space them out, but some of them are ‘pumpkin picking’.. so I’ve kind of already missed that boat. But I’m light and breezy – I’m light and breezy dammit! 🙂

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  2. A. Love the outfit. Super cute skirt especially. B. THIS WAS LIKE READING MY OWN MIND BACK. When I’m on top of my shit, I’m so fussy with my blog content and the order that everything needs to be in and there’s no bloody reason for it!xx

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  3. haha girl I feeeel you on the little blog idiosyncracies that mean so much to us, but that we know no one else cares or notices. But this outfit is just spectacular- I think one of my favorites you have ever posted! I love the velvet and the subtle colors together. So beautiful!

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  4. Such a cute outfit Steph! The skirt is gorgeous on you and I like howe the blouse and boots go so well together. You can prattle on anytime you like Girl! I love how you put so much personal expression into your posts which makes us all come back for more! Take care, Terri xo.

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