December Lust Haves

Ah Twixtmas – that bewildering time of year between Christmas Day and NYE where you have no idea what is up or down. You don’t know what day it is. What time is appropriate to get up/go to bed/nap indefinitely. You feel like you should be starting to detox after all of that aggressive binge eating you’ve been doing for the last few days, but there is still so much cheese and chocolate and booze left in the house, and you can’t let it go to waste, right?? It’s kind of like a pretend week, really, isn’t it? We all plow so much time and attention into preparing for the big event that we forget they year doesn’t actually cease on Boxing Day, and that there is a whole week left before we can toast in the New Year and start pretending that we’re going to be a generally better person this time around…!

I do have to work during this funny little black hole of time, which helps e keep hold of some form of semblance of reality, but I too still experience that odd feeling when you suddenly wake up without a particular plan for the day or list of things as long as your arm to accomplish, I tend to fill that time doing what I know best – window shopping! Because I’ve had to be so full of restraint for the last few months (ermmm….) and because I now know what people had bought me for Christmas and therefore what gaps still remain in my vast collection of clothes and shoes, I find it very hard to resist having a little peek at all of those sales that start spreading like wildfire the second the last of the turkey has been devoured! Only problem is though, I spent waaaaay to much money this month on Christmas, decorating the living room and 2019 travel plans, so I have minus money left to play with. Sad face. Doesn’t stop me lusting though, and if I was in a position to splurge a little cash, here’s what I’d be tempted by…:

First up, not 1, but 2 skirts:

‘Shirley’ Tartan Skirt, Joanie Clothing, £26.60

Yes, I know, they are basically identical. In my defense though, I wouldn’t actually buy both, I’m just really struggling to decide which one I like the most. I think I’m probably leaning towards the navy slightly, only because I’m worried the red is a little festive and might not get as much wear until next year. But it’s so nice though….

Another thing I wouldn’t get much wear out of is this:

Dec 18 Lust 4
Floral Dress, Oasis, £46

Not because it isn’t versatile, extremely cute and EXACTLY the kind of thing I like to wear day in and day out during the Winter months, but because I already have so many little printed dresses that it just isn’t really a justifiable purchase, especially when there are plenty of similar darling little frocks in their big sale right now (which I totally haven’t been looking at, honest…) It has been a while since I featured a little floral dress from Oasis though, so no harm in admiring from afar, right?

I can’t promise I’ll show such restraint with these though:

Dec 18 Lust 3
White Ankle Boots, Primark, £7 in store only

I mentioned a while back that I have been looking for a pair of white ankle boots, and actually spotted these some time ago. At the time though I had just told my family that this would be a great present idea so dared not purchase any for fear of getting a right telling off. As it transpires no-one listened and I didn’t find a pair under the tree – HOW DARE THEY?? (I jest, of course, they got me lots of other lovely things!) so now I am firmly in the market for some, and now that these have been slashed to just £7 in store it seems inevitable that they will become mine. Well, if there are any left after pay day, anyway. It’s in the hands of the shoe gods now!

Finally, another thing I doubt I’ll resist:

Dec 18 Lust 5
Lace Jumper, H&M, £8.99

I’ve been feeling an overwhelming desire to hibernate right now and this pretty little thing looks like it will come in most handy for that activity! Best of all, it’s for some crazy reason only £8.99! Gimme!

How about you, are you planning some sales shopping or will you have a saintly start to the new year?



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