Festive Outfit Round Up

It’s ironic really. Christmas is my favourite time of year, fashion-wise. All that glitz and sparkle and chances to basically completely over dress for an occasion are right p my alley. If I could think of a way of wearing big skirts and sequinned shoes every day of the week without them getting soiled in the great British weather, I probably would. So it should be the time of year that this blog is ON FIRE. With some sort of festive outing happening pretty much every week in December, you would think my drafts would be choc full of delectable Christmassy outfits all ready to post, but sadly, this just is not the case. Because this time of year is also long, dark and bereft of many opportunities to take proper outfit photos, particularly when a lot of these events happen immediately after I finish work, so as a result, I have zero – yes, not even one – complete collection of shots that could make up an outfit post. Not one. Almost every time I’ve gotten myself all dressed up, it’s happened at night time, and I’ve been running late, so I haven’t managed anything better than a hurried iPhone shot for Instagram as I hurried out of the door!

Still, I couldn’t not write about them. I wore sequins – this is a blog-worthy event in my  book. And let’s face it, if you don’t publish it on the Internet these days, did it even happen?? So here instead is a round up of those terrible photos, for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome…

My first event of the Christmas calendar was a curry and drinks with my team, and it’s my least favourite kind of event, not because it wasn’t fun of course, but because it is the kind of event that requires a slick day to night change. This is easy for most people, but I am not most people, and cannot let a festive event pass by without using it as an excuse to wear bling. In the end I went with this top and mini combo, which was easily dressed down for the day with a sweater over the top and a pair of flat chelsea boots, which were swapped for high-heeled sequinned boots in the evening. Sadly these beauties don’t photograph very well, but they were the perfect easy way to make things party appropriate!

festive 1festive 2festive 15

Next up came Christmas jumper week at work! Thankfully I was only in the office for two days, because I only own two of them. I don’t really need to say a huge amount about them because to be honest, they speak for themselves:

festive 3festive 4

Adorable, I think you’ll agree.

The second of those jumpers came in mightily handy for my second day to night quick change of the month! I threw it on top of this pretty French Connection lace dress for our office Christmas party. Sadly due to ‘atmospheric’ lighting I have absolutely zero decent quality photos of this outfit, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, but I felt pretty cute in this get up. I will make an exception for the shoes though and show you an old picture of them, because shoes this beautiful do not deserve to go undocumented!

festive 5festive 17

The next few weeks were a blur of lovely outings seeing our friends, all of which were perfectly casual, but all of which I INSISTED in over dressing for whether it was a casual dinner with the girls or a trip to the pub! I did pretty well at making sure sequins featured every time. Why yes, that is a very specific and pointless skill I have. Thank you!

festive 6festive 7festive 8festive 9

Then of course came those big events! On Christmas Day itself I decided to wear one of my most festive skirts, originally dubbed ‘The Christmas Skirt’ on this very blog, a bright red, pouffy affair from Chicwish which just screams yuletide! I paired it with, drum roll, sequins, because, well you know why by now…

festive 10festive 16

Boxing Day was round two for us with Dan’s family coming round for a buffet and to exchange gifts. I went slightly less festive for this one in yet another Chicwish skirt. I say slightly, maybe minutely. Okay, it was pretty darn festive, so sue me!!

festive 11

Finally came the last night of the year, New Years Eve. We opted to go low key and have a quiet night with friends this year rather than party the night away, but did that mean I went low key with my outfit? Did it heck! I overdressed, obviously. Partly because I wanted to wear this stunning midnight blue pleated midi that my sister bought me for Christmas, and these silver glitter Carvela shoes that hadn’t yet had an outing this year, but also because WHY THE HELL NOT?? Of all the occasion that deserve a great outfit, it’s the ringing in of a new year after one that has gone so swimmingly, don’t you agree?

festive 12festive 13festive 14

And that, my friends, is a wrap. I hereby solemnly swear to do better for the rest of the year, though I suspect that is a New Year’s Resolution I’ve made before…..







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