Outfit: What I Really Wear at the Weekend….

puddleFive years ago if you’d asked me what I normally wore at the weekend I’d have told you high heels and frock. Actually, I’d probably have said, “High heels and a frock. Oh, wait, I did buy a new skirt the other week but I really want to wear the polka dot shoes and I don’t think they don’t go. Maybe I could borrow that top of yours and wear trousers. Are you wearing a dress? I don’t know now – what are we doing afterwards, pub or club? Will it have a cloakroom? Because I don’t want to take a jacket….?” etc. You get the picture. Anyway, I talk a lot about how I love dressing up. How I love 50’s style dresses and have over 100 pairs of shoes and want to buy EVERYTHING like ALL THE TIME and all of those things are true. But chances to wear my unnecessarily large shoe collection or myriad of retro frocks don’t come around as often as I’d like. In fact, I probably look my best when I’m at work, and that statement has just made me really sad so I’m going to quickly move on!

At the end of the day, I live in England. In the Midlands no less. It rains a lot, and I have a dog, so when I’m not in the office wearing sensible(ish) shoes, you’re most likely to find me outdoors somewhere up to my knees in mud, meaning large chunks of my life are a pretty much a ‘nice shoes’ free zone.

walkiesThis will surprise a lot of people who know me. Some of my acquaintances would swear blind I walk the dog in six inch heels. I wore a prom dress to a dingy old pub last week and think nothing of rocking up to work in a wiggle dress if I feel like it (despite a casual dress code), so they assume I only do dressy. Once, when taking part in a charity football match, my colleagues questioned whether or not I actually owned any trainers. I’m pretty sure they were being serious. Admittedly, if I had a choice I WOULD only do dressy, but I’m not a housewife in 1952, and since I don’t live in Hollyoaks, where bandage dresses, platforms and no coat are par for the course apparently, that just isn’t practical (I do sometimes wear my nicest shoes to do the washing up though. True story.)

rainysadSo, disappointingly, this is it – my weekend uniform. Jeans, a jumper, wellies and a parka. And this is why:

bonnie mudEnough said!



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