Reasons To Be Cheerful – Mini Eggs for Mini Dramas

It’s been one of those days.

Remember that project I mentioned that was landing soon? The one that made me cry last week? Today was D-Day. We went live with a bang! It’s not that it went badly – it went 100 times better than it could have done and I’m extremely proud of what my team pulled off, but it’s just been so intense that, honest to God, I can barely speak a sentence right now, let alone write one, so this is going to be a short and sweet ‘Happy Monday’.

There are plenty of things I could moan about. People’s lack of patience. People who refuse to take accountability for their own actions. People who…. well, just people generally really. But I’ll save all that for another day. Today I’m just reminded of how far you can push yourself when you really put your mind to it. 2 years ago, when I was encouraged to apply for this job, I didn’t think in a million years I would get it. A little under two years ago I went home and sobbed into a vat of wine when I found out I’d actually got it. 18 months ago I spent many an evening telling Ollie that I’d bitten off more than I could chew and should just throw in the towel. Today, not only am I still at it, I’m celebrating it’s success – and launching the next phase. I don’t quite know what I envisioned for the future but I don’t think I predicted this. And while today had it’s glitches, which all ‘Day 1’s’ tend to, and while I’m completely exhausted and mentally drained, I’m kinda looking forward to starting again tomorrow and seeing how we can make it even better.

I am blessed to have an amazing team of people working for me who make it all possible, I have a lovely partner who is currently cooking me dinner so I can relax and switch my brain off, and I had the foresight to make sure there was a bottle of wine chilling on standby just in case today was a bit too much (it wasn’t, but it seems like a shame to let that effort go to waste, soooo bottoms up…..!).

wineOh, and in case you didn’t know yet, Easter themed goodies are officially everywhere, meaning Mini Egg Cakes are readily accessible at all times. And really, what kind of day can’t be cheered up by lashings of that yummy yellow buttercream I ask you? None that I want to experience!



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