Sequins for St Pat

Happy Late St Patrick’s Day Everyone!

I’m not Irish. Not even a tiny bit ‘Plastic Paddy’. I don’t really celebrate St Pat’s at all. Ok, I’ll stop and watch the parade if I happen to be in the neighbourhood (though that’s unlikely because, hello? THE PUBLIC. In much bigger numbers than usual. Drunk. And wearing silly hats. No thanks) and I’ll happily partake in the odd complimentary Bailey’s (no Guinness for me ta. And it’s not often I turn down free booze!) but it just isn’t my cup of tea. It basically falls into the same category as New Year’s Eve, Tequila and Ikea on a Saturday – seems like a good idea since EVERYBODY ELSE is doing it, but generally ends in tears – with a headache.

So what the heck is this post about? Well, quite simply, it was an excuse to show off about these:

Green Dollys
Kurt Geiger ‘Dolly’ in Green

Yes, green spangly shoes. I’m using the very tenuous link to talk about my shoes. In fairness, I did wear them for no reason other than St Pat’s, but come on, how many other excuses can you make up to wear lurid green sequin shoes with comedy sized bows? Not many. But did that stop me buying them in the first place? Please. Look at them.

That is all!


4 thoughts on “Sequins for St Pat

  1. Oh my God, they’re so amazing! I have these in red (although with glitter rather than sequins), but I’ve always wanted the green – I think they’re even nicer! As for St Patrick’s day, it just isn’t a “thing” here, so I don’t do anything for it either – I actually always find it a bit strange that everyone suddenly wants to tell you how they’re 1/18th Irish, but that’s probably just me!


    1. I also have them in Black and have often been tempted by the Gold when they pop up on eBay, but I reeeeeeeally want red ones! A girl at work has them – I’m trying to work out how to steal them!


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