One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I SO want to be a nice, calm patient person.

I am definitely far less explosive than I was in my youth, and I pride myself on being diplomatic, but every so often I find it really tough to suppress ‘The Hulk’. Particularly when the dreaded lurgy has ascended and your head is foggy and you would just really like everyone to be quiet thank you very much. My high from the start of the week is wearing off, and even though I know it’s completely irrational I’m slowly feeling my self slipping closer to pre-tantrum status!

It’s just been one of those weeks where everything that has been going well is threatening to start moving backwards. Whenever I get over one obstacle at work, another rears it’s ugly head. We found an amazing wedding venue, but now seem to be struggling to pin down a date we can go and see it. The wedding fund was looking really nice and healthy till a dispute over a three year old gas bill suddenly appeared out of nowhere (I used to think the idea of being fought over by two people was kind of cool, but when two gas companies are fighting over which one was supplying you – not so cool. I know we’ll get it back, but still. Annoying!) And then, just when I started getting all gleeful about spring and flowers and sun dresses, I leave the house in the morning and find THIS:

IMG_4680 IMG_4676Are you actually kidding me?? This does not help to improve my mood! I am pretty much blaming this sudden drop in temperatures entirely for this crippling disease I’ve developed (more commonly known as a slight cold). Anyway, it’s a little hard to be positive about the road ahead when YOU CAN’T FREAKING SEE IT!:

IMG_4677 IMG_4678So now, instead of getting ahead at work or getting this wedding off the ground I just want to retreat under a duvet and drink hot chocolate with fake Aldi Bailey’s in it until at least May, because I was actually trying to be diplomatic again when I said a slight cold, it’s actually REALLY BAD you guys, I might actually DIE!

I guess I probably won’t die though, so in the interests of at least trying to be reasonable, I’ll admit this; once the sun actually showed up, Brum was looking pretty awesome, which did make me smile a bit (like, a tiny corner of the lips twitch). Just gotta try to keep my eyes on that sunrise !



NB: Walking through a foggy park at 6am the night after catching up on The Walking Dead is not recommended. When a jogger suddenly springs into your peripheral view, you will definitely lose your shit!

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