Saturday Shopping – Pretty Pastels

This week, with the deadly cold festering nicely, I couldn’t really be bothered to go to any real shops (Seriously. That’s how serious this is people). Instead, I managed to spend some time browsing from under the safety of a fluffy blanket. I know, it’s been tough!

The browsing actually began with Bridesmaid’s dresses in mind. Being me, I don’t, of course, have a concrete colour scheme. I know I don’t want one of those ‘one colour’ weddings – where the Bride has picked a shade, probably her favourite colour, and then plastered it all over everything you can see. It could be a perfectly lovely turquoise or purple tint, one that you would like just fine in moderation, but when the Bridesmaid’s frocks, the Ushers bow ties and pocket squares, the floral arrangements, the ribbons on the chairs, the tablecloths, the place cards, the sugared petals on the cake, the confetti, etc, etc are all coloured identically, it soon becomes enough to put you off for life. And this comes from a girl who has a clutch to match just about every pair of shoes that she owns! I’m pretty sure that, as we will be having a summer wedding, the palette will be pastels, but when it comes to the specifics like my Bridesmaid’s attire, nothing is definite. At the moment I’m leaning towards blush pink. Or lilac. Or mint green. Or duck egg blue might be nice? Peach maybe? A sunny lemon yellow? You get the picture….

Anyway, while dutifully perusing dusky pink dresses my eyes started to wander. Before long I found myself looking at skirts. Then shoes. Then handbags (hey, they will have to accessorize!) and soon, rather than a list of possible outfits for my favourite ladies, I’d accidentally collated a wish list of soft-hued must haves. Well, whatever makes me feel better, right? And these ice-cream coloured treats certainly do!

Luckily for the Wedding Fund some of these have already sold out in my size, so there’ll still be some money left for ACTUAL necessities. Can’t promise a couple of those pairs of shoes won’t wind up on my shelves though (I mean you, ASOS PITCHER High Heels)….!



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