Reasons to be Cheerful – Sanguine September

calenderI’m going to have to keep this short, because I have an awful habit of jinxing myself. Scrap that. There is no voodoo magic involved. What I actually mean to say is I have an awful habit of of getting very, very excited about something in the very, very early stages, and inevitably more often than not, the thing I’ve gotten myself all in a tizz about doesn’t end up materialising, or when it does, doesn’t quite meet my ridiculously over exaggerated expectations, sending me crashing down to earth with a thump. Life can be disappointing when you have an over active imagination. Once, when we were thinking of putting Ollie’s flat on the market, I ‘accidentally’ started looking at houses on the road we wished we lived on. It was only out of curiosity to begin with, but then I found it. The Dream House. The one that is about £400,000 out of our budget, but has an Aga and an island in the kitchen, and is already totally our style so we wouldn’t even have to decorate, and look! There’s a utility room that Bonnie could live in! And 5 bedrooms – one of those could easily just be for shoes! Don’t get me wrong, I did know that all of these imaginary plans were completely unrealistic without the aid of a lottery win, but that didn’t stop me dying a little inside when we drove past last month and saw a family moving in. “Oh no! Someone is moving into our house!” I said. “What the hell are you on about??” Ollie then said, because I forget sometimes that everyone else isn’t privy to the inside of my slightly deranged head.

Anyway, we went to look at a wedding venue yesterday, and I had visions of the trip being a similarly deflating experience, because despite the fact I had decided it was my lifelong wish to get married somewhere exactly like this approximately 5 minutes before stumbling across it by chance on the Internet, and even though I had seen no more than 3 photos of the nearby surroundings and none of the actual inside of the building itself, I had decided there and then that it was THE ONE and absolutely the only place I could ever see myself walking down the aisle, so naturally I fully expected to turn up and find it was a complete dive. Or the most expensive place in existence. Or next door to a sewage farm and fully booked until 2022. I did my best to expect the worst.

Except it was FREAKING AMAZING! And in our budget. And with plenty of availability, and no sewage farm in sight. We’re looking at September. Shit is getting real people, I might actually get married THIS YEAR.

So before I get all excited again, and then realise the apocalypse is actually due to happen before then or some other fateful obstacle, I’m going to sign off, and crack on with some planning!

Fingers and toes crossed!


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