Outfit: Pink Polka Dots

So, after bemoaning my miserable failure at being slightly more interesting the other week, I decided I really should try and do something other than walk the dog and go for burgers with my weekend. So when we were due to meet the family for lunch last week we just went crazy. As in, we picked the first option off that ‘off the top of my head’ list in the aforementioned post – I know, hardly dizzying heights of creativity, but it’s a start, right?

The weather was behaving and we were up for a change, so we loaded the pooch into the car (not as easy as it sounds, believe you me, the car is just another of the long list of random things that Bonnie is inexplicably scared of) and headed to The King’s Arms for a big pub lunch and a leisurely stroll along the canal. It was nice to get outside and breathe in some country air, and the Bons had a great time sniffing out all the boats, well, until Humans emerged from them and scared the bejeesus out of her. Like, every time. You’d think she would learn, but no. We couldn’t take the dog in, but we had a sneaky peek over the fence at the Animal Sanctuary next door to see if we could spot the llama (that’s right, I said llama. They have a llama there. My Dad used to tell me about the llama when I was little and I didn’t believe it until we visited a few years later. I kinda love the idea of drunken pub patrons staggering home, then waking up the next day with weird flashbacks of exotic animals and wondering what the hell they got up to, don’t you? They used to have a tiger too. True story!)

Lunch was good too, despite the fact it wasn’t a burger, which it turns out isn’t the only thing that can be eaten on a weekend outing. Apart from being constantly dive-bombed by a swarm of persistent wasps, that was pretty annoying. I also wore a dress! A polka dot dress no less! This is the first and I hope not the last Lindy Bop ‘Audrey’ dress, a gift from my bestie (the very same bestie that bought me the ‘Peggy’ skirt – she is one stylish lady, and super awesome gift purchaser). When I work out where to hang them I’m going to own this dress in every possible variation. Starting with this red gingham one. Then maybe these candy stripes. And this floral one is ah-maze – ing… Ok, this could take a while, you get the picture, it’s basically the perfect dress and I WANT MORE. Same old, same old.

KingsarmsCanalwalk1CanalBonniecanalCanalwalk2MecanalLindybop DressBlueshoes

So, now we’re on two out of three!

I still can’t drive though. Baby steps, people.



In this post: Lindy Bop ‘Audrey’ dress in ‘Sandy’ – Baby blue flats, Select (similar) – Necklace, Dorothy Perkins (similar)

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