Outfit: Mid Week Dancing


Continuing the theme of trying to do MORE FUN STUFF, last week me and the girls took a mid-week trip to our local, The Hare & Hounds, for a ‘gig’. Yes, I’m the kind of person who goes to ‘gigs’ now. See how I’m growing? Anyway, one of my friends has a passion for Brass having played French Horn in her youth, so when we spotted that Youngblood Brass Band, a New Orleans slash Hip Hop ensemble from the US, were playing just around the corner she jumped at the chance to get us tickets. I, then, jumped at the chance to spend an evening talking about something other than work, and so, the scene was set.

The band were awesome (seriously, check them out if you happen to spot them performing near you) and I’ve now discovered my new favourite pick me up – mid week dancing. Nothing like a good boogie to banish the blues, especially on a school night. Makes me feel a bit like a 15 year old who snuck out to a club instead of revising for exams. Not that I ever did that… ahem…. Anyway we were all in agreement that there must be more mid week dancing sessions to come if we’re going to maintain our sanity through the latest work and life dramas, and so we found ourselves pledging to do more ‘gigging’. Once a month in fact! Because I’m so good at keeping these promises to myself, aren’t I? Well, this one in particular I’m going to do my best to stick to, because it really did make me feel better, and I really don’t have much of an excuse not to – the H&H is a mere stones throw from my house. Funny how you can live right next to something and never make use of it. Anyhow, any excuse to spend time in the company of friends and dance the night away is a good one in my book, particularly when you can walk home afterwards! I’ve got a feeling I might find this one a little easier to achieve. Slightly less easy to achieve though might be the impromptu trip to New Orleans we also cooked up… Um…..

Here’s to much more mid week dancing!



In this post: Coral Rose Cami Top, Oasis – Jeans, H&M – Gold Flats, Dorothy Perkins (similar)

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