Fantasy Friday – Jimmy Choo’s Anouk & Friends

New shoes cure the blues right? And not many shoes could cure the blues quite as well as these…

Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’, Selfridges, £425

Meet Anouk – Anouk is no new kid on the block, oh no. She’s been around a few years, but this season she’s had a rather gorgeous Christmas makeover. Anouk is one of those of those truly classic styles of shoe that I can see myself coveting forever more – the perfect pointed toe, curvy shape and slim 120mm heel. She’s not all too disimilar to my other besties, Louboutin’s Pigalle & So Kate. Louboutin will always just about win for me thanks to that statement red sole, but with this stunning, gold, glittery upper it would be a close contest, and to be fair, if you were to buy them for me anyway, I probably wouldn’t turn them down… you know, just in case you wanted to….

If that 120mm heel is a little too high for you, you could always try Anouk’s less vertiginous siblings, Agnes or Abel, each with their own tantalisingly sparkly finishes (though check out Abel’s two tone glitter! Snazzy doesn’t quite cut it as an objective here)?

Jimmy Choo ‘Agnes’, Selfridges, £425
Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’, Selfridges, £450

And if pointy toes aren’t your thing, there is always Esme, with her lovely almond shape. Or you could get your toes out on display with Luna?

Jimmy Choo ‘Esme’, Selfridges, £450
Jimmy Choo ‘Luna’, Selfridges, £475

Sooooo much glitter, soooo few pennies.

Pwease Santa? Pwetty pwease?



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