Reasons to be Cheerful – It’s Almost Time…


I’m the first to admit I’ve not found the run up to Christmas particularly cheerful this year, bar a few good nights out with friends. It can be remarkably stressful at the best of times, all that shopping and wrapping and worrying where everyone will sleep and whether or not there is space at the table and how on earth you will get everything you need to done with T-minus 4 days, 3 hours, 29 minutes and 32 seconds left to go till D-Day, or whatever the most recent countdown states. That coupled with a stressful job, a house move and a dog that is NOT happy with all the commotion and lack of attention of late and it’s been a bit of a fraught couple of days. All that faff aside, though, and there is always a period of slight relief. Just before the big day itself, there is a little window, where there is little left you can do to change anything now, so it seems there isn’t much point in anything other than pouring a glass of fizz, sticking some festive tunes on and letting your hair down, if only for a couple of days.

That day came today this year. The shopping is done. I’ve wrapped 90% of my presents. I have a couple of days left before I break up for the long weekend but even though I’m sure there will be a few eventful moments yet we’re running out of time before the banks close and everyone vanishes back to their friends and family to celebrate, so there is really little left for me to do now. It actually feels quite liberating now, accepting the impending festivities and just getting on with it. Who knows, I might even have fun?

There doesn’t seem much point in dwelling on the bad now that I know I’m so close to a few short but lovely days with my nearest and dearest, so you know what? F*** it. Bring on Christmas now, bring on the endless food and squabbles with the family and crap TV and mango vodka (long story), I’m ready now. Time to put my mind to other things and cheer the hell up for a change.

I am determined to enjoy the rest of you December, come what may!


Now, pass me the Pringles….




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