Fantasy Friday – Oscar De La Renta Silk Mikado Dress

It’s not often I dare myself to look at the websites of the truly luxe designers. Just looking at Kate Spade or J Crew makes me sad and they’re barely even considered “High End” (though they certainly sit at the high end of my budget!). But since it’s been a hard year and I’ve been super good and not bought a stitch in the January sales I thought I’d treat myself and have a little peruse of some of the fancier names in the business. I mean, if you’re going to fantasise, you may as well do it properly. And now I’m back with the ‘rents I’ll be saving a bob or two, so who knows, maybe it’s not so out of my future price range? I’m sure I could afford something. Like a key chain. Or a button.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I found myself drooling over Oscar De La Renta’s current Ready To Wear collection, and as far as fantasy fodder goes, I wasn’t disappointed. There were oodles of stunning gowns to (pretend) choose from, but this is the one I’m still thinking about.

Oscar De La Renta Silk Mikado Dress, £1812

For starters, the shape (which is one of their signature styles and available in several variations, if unlike me, you can afford to spend half a years salary on dresses) is simply perfection, particularly for the flat of chest and large of gut like myself. It’s made from what I’m assuming is the softest ever 100% silk, perhaps even softer than Bonnie’s ears (which actually are the softest things in the world. True fact). I’m pretty sure if I saw this dress in real life I would have no choice but reach and and give it a good fondle, which most likely would be the quickest way to get me ejected from the store. And that, my friends, is why I don’t spend much time on the top floor of Selfridges.

By far the best thing about this dress though is the stunning purple hue of that floral print. Ever since my bestie and I declared it THE BEST COLOUR EVS when we were 14, purple has been favourite. It’s girly but not too sweet. It’s bright but not too garish. I’m suddenly not sure why I don’t own more purple things. Me and the bestie swore we’d live in a house painted top to bottom magenta, I’m clearly letting the side down.

To rectify I think it’s only right I purchase these:

Embroidered Floral Tatum Shoes, £491

A fair deal, I think you’ll agree….



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