Post 100 – The New Chapter Starts Here…

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS for managing to stick with me through 100 posts already. (If you’ve just joined me, I’ve just realised that probably doesn’t fill you with much hope for what may be about to transpire in this post, but hey, it’s best to lay down expectations straight away, right?) Anyway, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for making it this far. Writing has always been a big passion, but let’s face it, life has an annoying habit of just getting in the way, doesn’t it? I certainly haven’t managed to stick to a regular posting schedule and the look and layout still leave much to be desired, but right now I’m just happy it’s still here and not abandoned at post 32, sat lonely and ignored and gathering dust in a dark corner of the Internet somewhere. The fact that people actually read my nonsensical ramblings is incredible to me – how you keep yourselves awake, I’ll never know, but I’m truly grateful you even give me even a moment of your attention. It took me far longer than it should have to get this thing off the ground as I struggled to get over the fear that no-one would bother tuning in. Or worse, people would tune in and wonder why on earth I’d bothered. Or worse still, people would tune in and wonder why on earth I’d even bothered, then post multiple comments directly asking me why on earth I’d bothered and why would I possibly think anyone cared? Thankfully that hasn’t happened (yet – I’m sure the odd person has stumbled across me in error and pondered what the hell I was on about), and I’m still here, posting my odd musings, photos of the same-but-different outfit over and over and putting the world to rights. I’m not really one to make New Year Resolutions, but hitting the big 100 has really motivated me to start putting some real time and effort into this daft l’il blog of mine, so watch this space! (Don’t really watch this space, whatever you do. I’m a chronic procrastinator remember. It’ll probably be at least 2018 before I get around to it).

Dramatic changes and regular updates are unlikely to be on the immediate horizon, because 2016 has been looking a lot like this lately:


Yes, that’s my beloved dresses, stuffed in vacuum bags and stacked to the ceiling. Moving into your parents spare room is a little complicated when you own more skirts than are reasonably needed by the average person. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that a large number of my frocks are destined to spend the next few months residing in said bags, and it’s not sitting too comfortably with me right now. I’m not even going to get started on the shoes, because the shoes situation is even more upsetting. For one, two thirds of them aren’t even here, they are packed away and sat in a storage container about 3 miles up the road. I mean, how was I supposed to pick which of my shoes I would need in the next 6 months? You just never know when you might urgently need to wear a pair of bright green sequin pumps, do you? Or red glitter peep toes? What happens if I suddenly need to dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz at short notice for gods sake? WHAT, WHAT I ASK YOU?! I’m actually going to have to stop talking about it now because I genuinely cannot remember whether or not my Minnie 2s are here or in storage and the thought is making me feel more than a little panicked….

So moving on, what does the rest of 2016 look like? Well, for January at least, this (unfortunately):


Yep, I’m one of those idiots who decides January is all about getting fit and healthy, so I’ve committed to starting running again. For some ridiculous reason I’ve also decided to do a dry January, meaning no Gin, no wine, no Prosecco or even a sneaky cocktail for at least another 3 weeks. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Yesterday I was actually congratulating myself on making it so far already before I realised I was still only 6 days in. Seriously, If I don’t look like Gigi Hadid by February I’m going to be severely hacked off!

Here’s hoping!



P.S – It seemed only right that I update the About Me section, a fitting way to start the new chapter! You can find it here if you’re interested!

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