Sunday Sales Shopping- Zara

What with me being all virtuous for January and all, I haven’t bought anything at all so far this year in the sales. Erm, that might be a bit of a lie actually, I might have just won an Oasis skirt on eBay, but that totally doesn’t count. Right? eBay purchases don’t count. Anyhow, there is no harm in having a peek though, if anything it just makes your willpower stronger (yeah, right!). It’s been a while since I’ve had a look around Zara, so I decided I’d head over to their website this morning to see what I fancy – ahem, what I might fancy IF I was spending this month. Which I’m not. Not at all…..

Yellow Shoes

The first place I usually head to on the Zara website is Shoes and Boots. Zara have managed to bring out a number of ‘must have’ pairs over the years, which is irritating because I tend to instantly fall in love with them only for them to sell out immediately and only be available via eBay at a ridiculously over-inflated price – many of them remain on my wish list to this day in fact. 2015 was probably the first year there wasn’t a specific pair I desperately lusted over, but I’m now wondering why I hadn’t noticed these lovely yellow sling backs before now? There is definitely room in my shoe collection for more yellow, and it’s been such a long time since I treated myself to a new pair of shoes….

Straight Cut DressFolk DressPrint Mini Dress

Moving swiftly on, and Dresses was the next section I headed to. Zara seemed to follow a heavily 60’s & 70’s theme last year and these three in particular caught my eye, which is ridiculous, because only one of them is even remotely age or body appropriate for me! I can actually see me wearing that boho peasant dress, especially with my new Nine West Snowfall boots (coming to a post near you soon!), but the other two? Come on, of course not. I know that girl is probably about 8 foot tall so that isn’t a true reflection of how short they are, but they still look like the kind of thing only supermodels or 22 year olds can wear. Still, doesn’t stop me admiring them, particularly that last one, which really reminds me of the beautiful mosaic tiles I saw everywhere on a holiday to Porto a couple of years ago.

Keeping up with the 70’s theme, I’m pretty taken with this sweet little blouse, which I actually can see myself wearing, either loose over my skinnies or tucked into my flared jeans. The only thing I can’t see is how I would pick which colour to buy, though at £12.99 what’s the harm in getting all three, I ask you? Okay, okay, I already know the answer to that one….

Yellow Trousers 2Polka Dot TrousersYellow Trousers

Trousers then, and again I’m spoilt for choice. Last summer I became a little obsessed with printed trousers, and thanks to the Oasis spring sales somehow found my collection suddenly tripled in size. I’m finding it tough not to expand it a little more with these three pairs – perhaps not the polka dot ones, because, well, they’re white, and I think you already know why. The two yellow pairs though are both testing my will power quite significantly. I don’t own a huge amount of yellow clothes. And just think how well they’d go with those yellow shoes…..

On that note, I think I’d better leave it there, with my bank balance still in tact! Happy sales shopping everyone! I hope you have better luck resisting than me!




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