Fantasy Friday – Spots vs Stripes @ Kate Spade

Darn it Kate. As if it wasn’t bad enough you keep taunting me with your constant procession of perfect signature bows, you go and throw stripes and polka dots into the mix! Both stripes and polka dots are a particular weakness of mine (almost as much as the bows!) and form a large chunk of my wardrobe. I find them tough to resist at the best of times, but add a Kate Spade bow and you basically have Steph Kryptonite!

I’ve had these polka dot beauties on my Fantasy Wish List for a while now, and have been meaning to write a post about them, but I’d been struggling to decide which items to feature. I logged in one more time to finalise my choices and BOOM! Look what drops into the New Arrivals section – a load of freakin’ stripes. Now I’m really torn. There’s nothing more stylish than a classic stripe, especially in the black and white or navy and cream that are favoured in this collection. But then, how fun are polka dots? And instead of sticking to the standard monochrome these ones use a flirty baby pink which is an unexpected and lovely twist. How could I possibly be expected to pick between them?   Well, I’m not going to. I’m going to put them all on there, and let you, the fair reader, decide which is top of the pops instead….

Top Row L-R: Bow Stripe Mariella Dress, £378Cedar Street Dot Harmony Bag, £250 – Cape Stripe Dress, £378 – Spotlight Lysa Skirt, £278

Second Row L-R: On Purpose Dot Tote, £105 – Cape Stripe Etta Coat, £505 – Spotlight Fit and Flare Dress, £405 – Cape Stripe Skirt, £310

Third Row L-R: Clement Street Blair Bag, £250 – Tiny Spotlight Pleated Dress, £318 – Spotlight Bow Top, £195 – Darya Wedges, £165

Bottom Row L-R: Jean Heels, £270 – Spotlight Flounce Dress, £310 – On Purpose Stripe Tote, £135 – Stripe Bow Top, £108

So, which one gets your vote, spots or stripes?



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