Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Dalmatian Bag

Yep, I’ve been over at Kate Spade again! In actual fact, I spotted this while writing last week’s Fantasy Friday post, but I thought he (yes, he, it’s already living in my messed up little mind) was so adorable he deserved a post of his own.

Dalmatian Bag.png
Kate Spade Dalmatian Bag, £268

Look. At. That. Face. Have you ever seen anything so sweet?? I’m pretty sure you could barely fit anything other than your lipstick in there, but I still want him with a passion that disturbs me a tiny li’l bit. Alas, he is just never likely to be mine with that price tag, although if it was a Beagle rather than a Dalmatian I’m pretty sure I’d already have researched selling my kidney on the blackmarket by now. I could, however, afford this key chain (though who actually does spend £50 on a key chain, I ask you??) which is basically exactly the same but teeny tiny, so naturally I love it, maybe even a little bit more.

Dalmatian Key Chain
Kate Spade Dalmatian Key Chain, £50

I feel like something this cute deserves a name though. Any ideas?




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