Pssst…! Sale Tips – Ted Baker @ BrandAlley

About 5 years ago there seemed to be a trend for Flash Sale sites. I signed up to about a million of them at once and spent a month obsessively browsing them. It’s not a sensible pastime for a shopaholic – I found myself considering buying all sorts of things that I wouldn’t normally have entertained for a second because OMG IT HAS, LIKE, £70 OFF!! I was a complete sucker for a heavy discount back then, especially if it was coming off an expensive label. Remember people, a bargain is only a bargain if you wanted the damn thing when it was full price! Anyway, I did end up buying the odd thing – all actually pretty sensible purchases in the end, after I had a word with myself – but it wasn’t long before I pretty much forgot about them.

Every now and then though, you get an email through that reminds you of what treasures are sat there waiting for your perusal, and today BrandAlley came up with the goods! There I was, casually deleting the hundreds of spam and newsletters I get from every clothing store that ever existing, when I stumbled across one from BrandAlley entitled ‘Ted Baker’. Well, that’s too good to be true, I thought, I bet it’s menswear, or it will all be naff. But when I opened the email I was greeted with was this image, and I knew this would be a sale I needed to check out:

Ted Baker

I was right – what I found when I got there was a rather delectable selection of this summer’s loveliest pieces all with around 50% off, plus an accessories and footwear sale to boot (excuse the pun). Those who remember drooling over the pretty pastels and bold floral prints they had on offer – including that beautiful mint green lace midi I wrote about in a Fantasy Friday post back in April – really need to head over there and take a gander, though please don’t be offended if I hate you forever for buying any of it.

Here’s what I’d be buying as well as that mint dress if I wasn’t behaving, and believe me, I wish I wasn’t…

As with most of these sales these items won’t be around for long with just one days to go until it ends, and some sizes are selling out pretty rapidly, so what are you waiting for? Get over there, quick! Just don’t tell me what you bought, ok?




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