Reasons to be Cheerful – Daffodils

Bonnie DaffodilsDaffodils 1Daffodils 2Daffodils 3

They’re here! And a little earlier than usual! Thanks to the mild Winter we had this year, Spring flowers are blooming in their hundreds already and it’s having a very calming effect on me. I can’t help but feel cheerful when I see flowers, especially Daffodils. They’re just so bright and sunny, aren’t they? They literally exude happiness. Of course, it helps that they signal the start of warmer weather and perhaps that’s partly why I feel so positive and optimistic when looking at them. Spring is all about new beginnings after all!

It definitely felt Spring-like today on our doggy walk through the park, where I stopped to admire these lovelies. It wasn’t warm by any stretch – about 6 degrees, and I actually lost all function in my fingers for a while after taking these pics. But the sun was out and the air smelt fresh and green and it felt like times they are a-changin’ (I’ve also got that song stuck in my head now. Soz if you do too now!). Maybe I’m just caught up in the excitement of a new season, but I certainly feel like I have lots of reasons to be cheerful right now. These Happy Mondays posts are just getting easier and easier to write!

By the way, if you’re looking at that beautiful picture of Bonnie and thinking, ‘Gosh, what a good pup, posing all model-like like that,’ don’t be fooled. I have no idea how I managed to get that shot, it was a complete fluke. I thought it would be really nice to get a pic of her in the midst of all those blooms, but she didn’t feel like co-operating. The majority of the pics turned out like this:

Bonnie Daffodils 2

Fashion blogger she aint!



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