Fantasy Friday – Coast Vancouver Stripe Nadinia Dress

Um, ok. This new pink obsession is getting a little out of hand. I mean, it’s one thing lusting over cheap and cheerful Chicwish pieces, but Coast? That’s just asking for trouble. I’d headed in there this week with the purpose of trying on a potential Bridesmaids dress for a friend’s Wedding later this year. Originally the colour scheme was, funnily enough, pale pink, but after some changes had to be made to the Wedding itself we settled on Navy blue. This actually suited me just fine – partly because of my pre-mentioned tendency to think I’m not a ‘pink’ kinda girl, partly because we hadn’t managed to find a dress we really liked yet – but then BOOM! In I go, all ready to try on a Navy blue stunner, and I walk straight into this:

Coast Dress
Vancouver Stripe Nadinia Dress, £149

Oh my. I guess pink really is my thing now, as this got my heart all a-flutter. I think I’d have liked it in any colour really, as the shape is just gorgeous, but something about those candy coloured stripes is just really special. Admittedly, it isn’t really a Bridesmaid-esque style, and I’m head over heels for the dress I was there to try on, but I couldn’t help but have a moment where I wondered if I could convince the Bride to revert to the original plan! It’s a beauty alright, and even better in real life, but sadly I doubt this will be the frock I wear on the day, not that I’m worried as I know I’ll end up in something fab. On the upside though, this means I can hold on to the fantasy that I might get both dresses – one for the Wedding, one just ’cause….

Dream on, Steph!



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