Fantasy Friday – Sophia Webster Lilico

It’s been a while since a featured shoes on Fantasy Friday, which come to think of it has made me start questioning my life. Who even am I these days? Who knows. It’s been at last, um, a few weeks since I succumbed and bought a pair (hey, that’s good for me. Well, it’s better than my two weeks of Dry January anyway) and it’s even been a while since I moaned about half my existing ones being in storage. I barely even recognise myself anymore. The old me stirred deep inside when I saw these beauties though:

Lilico 1
Sophia Webster ‘Lilico’, £450

These sweet little things are part of Sophia Webster’s new Spring/Summer collection. Monochrome doesn’t normally evoke images of Spring, and yet these really do thanks to those pretty petals on the toe strap. And who doesn’t like a good polka dot I ask you (Warning – if you just answered ‘Me!’ to that question then me and you can no longer be friends. It’s just for the best, it’ll never work out…..)? My favourite part though is the way those lovely polka dots cover the soles of the shoes too:

Lilico 2

It’s a lovely little feature that really makes the shoe seem special, and just a little more expensive somehow. Good job really, if you’re going to spend that much on shoes you’d like to know you’re getting your money’s worth of polka dots!

Anyone fancy buying them for me?



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