Outfit: Lindy Bop Love

Lindy 1

Now here is a dress that needs no introduction. Oh, you aren’t obsessive enough to be able to name any Lindy Bop frock at 20 paces?? Just me then?? Ok, it’s Audrey.

If you’re a regular reader you already know how much I love Audrey. I’m lucky enough to own her in various incarnations (some of which you’ve already seen here and here), yet that never stops me wanting to acquire another. I even dedicated a whole post just about her once. She is, frankly, the love of my life. I’m hoping you can see why (you might have to squint a bit, unfortunately I seem to have managed to break my memory card so it’s back to crappy, blurry iPhone shots till my new one arrives – sorry!). She is everything I want from a dress – the flattering 50’s hourglass shape, the thick, stiff cotton that means even without a petticoat it has a lovely full skirt, and a range of colours and prints that could even keep me from getting bored for quite some time. She’s versatile too – pop on a cute cardigan and a pair of flats and she’s perfect for a casual day out or walk with the dog, yet swap for a pair of heels and she’s ready to party! You can only imagine my glee that the sun is finally looking like it might be around a little longer than the usual two days of summer and I can wear Audrey every day without having to cover her up with a coat and boots. I am, in fact, wearing the pink polka dot version right now as we speak.

I’ll do my best not to just post pictures of Audrey dresses over the coming months, I promise, though there are worse things for you to have to look at to be fair. This one is my most recent acquisition (though I bought it just before it went on sale, goddamit) and this was it’s debut on a Friday evening dog walk recently. It was a really gorgeous evening, having been sunny and warm all day, and with the blossoms out, my favourite frock on and a weekend with my beloved stretching out ahead of me I literally couldn’t have felt happier. As you can see, I went for the casual look on this occasion (well, dog walking in heels isn’t really recommended…) with some tan flats and a matching belt. I’m just crazy about this vintage floral print. I was torn between this one and the navy version of the same pattern, but since I already have the Peggy skirt and Vivi dress in that one this is the one that won. Though I have now spotted that the navy version is now on sale too, so I can’t promise I won’t get that one too….

Ok, three items in the same print might be a little too much. Another Audrey though? Well, there’s always room for another Audrey!

Lindy 11Lindy 12Lindy 5Lindy 15Lindy 4Lindy 3Lindy 7Lindy 2Lindy 14



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