Outfit: Spring Sundays

Spring 13

I think I’ve talked about it enough now for you to understand how much I love sunshine. It truly makes all the difference to my life. It seems stupid, actually reading those words, to think I allow myself and my wellbeing to be so affected by the weather, but it’s just true. Waking up on a grey, drizzly morning makes me feel like my soul died a little inside, but sunshine, sunshine has the power to make everything better.

The world looks nicer in the sunshine. The grass is greener and the blossoms pinker and the sky is bluer and the backdrop is always more attractive in the Spring or Summer, whether that’s down to the blossoms on the trees or flowers blooming in the park. Well, if you don’t count hairy, topless, cider-swilling men anyway, that unfortunately is a given in the UK. But if you can tune out the yobs, it’s a pretty wonderful time of the year, and I basically want to be outside for all of it, which is largely what we did the day these photos were taken.

There is nothing revolutionary about what I get up to on days like this, and you’ve heard about it a million times before, but I simply love to grab the pooch and one or two of my favourite people and head out for a walk somewhere scenic. I like to fill my face with something delicious and not at all healthy too, which is a shame as it probably cancels out all the calories I burned walking but WHO CARES ’cause it’s SUMMER! YEAH! I will be cursing those words when I try on my new bikinis next week, I know it…

One of the things I love about this weather is that it gives me a chance to get some of my nicer clothes out of the wardrobe and spend the weekend looking like I actually made an effort rather than tried to wear every item I own all at once, which is how I feel like I look in the Winter. The great thing is though, you really don’t have to try all that hard at all to look nicer! You pretty much just throw on a skirt and people will be all ‘Oh, you look nice, where are you off to?’. Again, this is because everything, including yourself, looks better in the sunshine. This particular skirt was one of my favourite purchases of last Summer. While I do love myself a pencil or circle skirt, when the days get a little stickier you really can’t beat a floaty midi skirt. This one is made of a lovely, silky fabric which keeps you cool, and I love the bright floral pattern and the buttons down the front. That bold print makes it super easy to wear by simply adding a plain vest and some tan accessories as I’ve done here, and let’s face it, when the sun is blazing and you have fun plans for the day you really want to be up and out quickly instead of worrying about what to wear!

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Sadly, the very next day the rain came back, which pretty much sums up Summer round here, but we have some warmer weather on the horizon so you can be sure there will be more of the same coming up when it comes to outfit posts! Sorry ’bout that!



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