May Lust Haves

Ok, so if I thought last month’s wishlist was full of frivolous things, this month has really taken the biscuit. I’ve been lusting all over the shop, and not for anything sensible either. This month I wanted so much stuff that I actually scared myself. I’m not even joking. When I found out the Lindy Bop sale had made further reductions I actually had to turn my laptop off because I simply couldn’t cope with the intensity of my desire to buy ALL OF IT. It doesn’t help that I’ve just booked a holiday, so I’m dying to splash out and buy lots of holiday clothes, but the level of my lusting has reached such heights that I’m actually going to need to write a completely separate post just about my holiday wishlist! On top of that, I seem to have found even more completely unnecessary but equally beautiful things to cry about. Here’s what’s been causing the tears this month. Warning: It’s even pinker and girlier than last month (if that’s even possible)….

This dress:

Carolina Dress
Lindy Bop ‘Carolina’ Dress, £32

Quelle surprise, I’m starting with blue and white stripes. It’s not exactly a classic breton stripe though – that cute sweetheart neckline adds a really fun twist and I want it bad.  I managed to hang around Lindy Bop long enough to realise it is one of the few things not currently in the sale, which is a damn shame, however at just £32 it’s hardly going to break the bank is it? If I could just work out which other bargain buys I wanted I suspect it would already be mine…

Next, this skirt:

Lollipop Skirt
Chicwish ‘Lollipop’ Skirt, £30.12

Chicwish are killing me right now. Every bloody time I head over there to ‘visit’ one of my existing lust haves I find they’ve thrown something new into the mix. This skirt isn’t just pink. It is all of the pinks. It’s aptly called ‘Lollipop’ and I can’t help thinking it’s incredibly selfish of Chicwish to produce this just when I’m trying to choose between the pink gingham and pink stripes from last month. Talking of selfish, I was already in a strop with Chicwish anyway because no sooner had I placed an order with them this weekend, they sent me a 30% discount code, which would have effectively made this skirt free. Currently trying to work out how to cancel my order….

Moving swiftly on before I get angry again, to this:

Asos Prom Dress
ASOS Vintage Midi Prom Dress, £75

Yes, you would be right in thinking this dress was basically almost exactly the same as the aforementioned skirt. It’s not though. Because it’s a dress so it’s fine to have both. And that is all I’m willing to say on the subject….

This one is different though:

Fab in Dots Skirt
Chicwish ‘Fab in Dots’ Skirt, £31.93

Looks like I’ve forgiven Chicwish, but only because I now really also need this polka dot skirt. Why? Because it has polka dots. And it’s awesome. Back to feeling pissed about the discount code…..

Back to ASOS then (is anyone else feeling like this is turning into a sartorial tennis match? I’m actually getting a little bit dizzy…) and these shoes:

Pimlico Shoes
ASOS ‘Pimlico’ Shoes, £32

Yes, I know I’ve gone on about gingham a lot lately, but in my defense I don’t actually own gingham shoes, and these ones are just so darn affordable. The fact that I have no where to put them right now is beside the point. I have a duty to ensure this glaring gap in my collection is closed as soon as possible. Come on, surely you can agree with that one?

So, this month I’ve been mostly lusting after stripes, pink, polka dots and gingham. Pretty much the same as ever then!

What’s caught your eye lately? Do share (go on, it makes me feel better about myself!)



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