Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker ‘Rahele’ Skirt

I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time lately on Netflix (I know, you thought it was bad I was only just catching up on Gossip Girl. My defence is that I was running a pub while all these shows were on and I basically didn’t watch TV for about 5 years!) and it seems to be having an effect on my fashion sense, because when I stopped by Ted Baker to have a gander at the new arrivals this week, it isn’t the usual fodder I’ve ended up writing about. There was A LOT I could have written about too. Beautiful bold florals. Pretty pastel colours. Exquisite tailoring and some AMAZING new shoe styles. However what really drew my attention was this:

Tulle Skirt 1

Tulle Skirt 2
Ted Baker ‘Rahele’ Pearly Petal Tulle Skirt, £199

The Rahele skirt is quite a stunner, isn’t she? Layers of tulle topped with 100% silk, decorated in a delicate hazy floral design that reminds me of wildflowers growing in a meadow – it’s basically a grown up tutu. It’s an incredibly romantic piece, and yet despite the whimsy it’s very elegant. Ted Baker uses the word ‘fantasy’ in the website blurb and I can’t think of a more apt description, because if I were a fairy princess – and I’d really like that job if anyone is looking, I’m pretty sure I’d be ACE at it – I would totally be wearing this skirt.

Right now, a little fairy dust is the only thing likely to make that dream a reality, because at just under £200 it isn’t a justifiable purchase. Anyway, where exactly do you wear a skirt like this if you don’t live in the Enchanted Forest really? Always nice to let the imagination run wild though….

Desperately seeking a Fairy Godmother…..


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