Outfit: Polka Dot Peep Toes

First things first: I must apologise for these blurrier-than-usual outfit photos. They were actually taken on the same day as my last outfit post. After a lovely day sauntering around in the sunshine I was really looking forward to getting my gladrags on, sipping some chilled wine and hitting the dance floor for a friend’s 30th Birthday, all sans jacket, because isn’t that one of the great things about Summer? Not having to check a coat? Anyhow, it was not to be, because by the time I’d had a quick shower and got changed, the weather looked like this:


Yes, not just a bit of a shower but a torrential downpour, which continued for most of the evening. Thanks, Mother Nature. So that’s why I’ve had to take these badly lit pictures in my sister’s living room. Still, blurry they may be, but you get the general gist.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I often plan my outfits from the feet up, and that’s exactly how this one came to be. These Kurt Geiger ‘Ash’ peep toes were obtained during one of those psychotic obsessions I get when I fall head over heels for something and declare life joyless until they’re mine. They sold out, of course, so I had a long search ahead of me before I managed to make that a reality, but eventually eBay came up with the goods! I don’t wear them too often these days due to the huge platform (isn’t it strange how quickly your tastes change – a couple of years ago and all my shoes had platforms and 6 inch heels, these days my tastes are a little more conservative) so a night out with the girls seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a much needed airing. I mean, platform or not, shoes this lovely deserve to be worn, no?

I don’t know what it is about black and white polka dots, but I just can’t resist pairing them with red. It’s a little Minnie Mouse-esque actually in hindsight, but oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I’m not convinced that dressing like a Disney character is such a bad thing….




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