May Lust Haves – The Holiday Edition

When writing my usual monthly lust haves list last week I alluded to the fact that my lust for shopping had reached such extremes this month that I was going to have to write an entire post just about things I wanted for my holiday. So here it is! And in actuality, I could have written about 10 posts about things I want for my holiday because I’m so over excited about it, it’s pretty much all I can think about. I could have written a whole post about bikinis, for example, because it’s been so long since I last went shopping for one that I want to buy ALL OF THEM. Same goes for strappy shoes and sandals because… well because they’re shoes basically. Can’t really use the holiday as an excuse for that one. Either way, this post is basically a case in point, because when compiling the list I realised I already had 8 items to write about and I was still only in the New Look Holiday Shop, so you can only imagine how long this post would have been if I’d decided not to be kind and call it a day right there….

New Look is one of those stores that I frequently overlook when shopping. It’s not that I don’t like it – it’s very fun and extremely affordable – it’s just not usually quite my style. I can’t help feeling it’s a little ‘young’ for my tastes, and I say that begrudgingly because I don’t buy into the idea that anyone is too old or too young to wear something that makes them happy, but they simply remind me of the clothes I wore in my youth and my tastes have moved on a fair bit since then. Every now and then though, New Look has a season that smashes it out of the park, and this Summer seems to be one of them for me, starting with this dress:

New Look White Dress
Broderie Tunic Dress, £32.99

We all know white looks great with a tan, and while it’s not a shape I wear all that often, I think it lends itself well to a beach holiday. The loose cut mean it will be nice and cool and easy to slip on over a bikini after a day at the pool, but that broderie overlay mean it’s smart enough to put on a pair of wedges and head out for dinner and cocktails in the evening. Always nice to have a frock that hides an over indulgent tum too – holidays are not the time to be watching what you eat and drink after all!

Talking of cute dresses, you don’t get much cuter than this one:

New Look Stripe Dress
Button Back Dress, £19.99

See, I’m back on the girly pink again. While the last style wasn’t one I’m seen in often, this one is completely up my street with all it’s pouffy skirted-ness and candy stripes. And those buttons down the back are just adorable – forget the holiday, this is a frock I’d want to wear all Summer long!

Next up and sticking with the dresses, something else a little different in this beautiful maxi:

New Look Maxi
Floral Maxi, £22.99

I’ve said a few times that floor length gowns make me feel like I’m playing dress up, but casual ones? I’m all over those. I mean, do you really need an excuse to stay cool but not shave your legs?? I’m kidding (sometimes), but seriously, this one has me all of a flutter. The colour and the print are just lovely, as is the silky fabric it’s crafted from, and the slit up the front mean you can flash a little of that newly bronzed flesh without feeling self conscious. GIMME!

While we’re on the subject of showing some skin…:

New Look Top
Floral Gypsy Top, £19.99

I’ve been trying to resist the off the shoulder trend, because again, it reminds me of clothes I wore in my younger days, but bardot tops were a slippery slope and it seems I’m now a convert, because I’m rather smitten with this gypsy top. The perfect beachside cover up, I can completely see me wearing this with denim shorts and sandals!

For days when denim just won’t do, I quite fancy these:

New Look Shorts
Aztec Shorts, £14.99

The shops seem to be full of these pyjama style shorts at the moment, and thats no bad thing as far as I’m concerned. Loose, cool and floaty with a forgiving elasticated waistband, these are a cute alternative to a little skirt and probably about as comfy as it gets on sticky days . Love those fun little pom poms along the hem!

It’s not all about clothes though – accessories are an equally important part of your holiday wardrobe. I know I personally couldn’t be without a hat, and I’m currently obsessing over this one:

New Look Boater.jpg
Straw Boater, £7.49 

I keep seeing Instagram pics of Rebecca at A Clothes Horse frolicking in woodland looking absolutely adorable with a boater perched atop her head and have decided I need one too. She sports a wider brim, and I’m not quite sure I’m cool and quirky enough to pull it off, but I’m gonna give it a darn good try….

Mustn’t forget sunnies! Very important to protect those peepers in the midday sun, and if you can look super stylish while doing it thats got to be a good thing, right? I usually switch between my posh Chanels or my more casual Raybans, but lately I’ve been feeling like I want a more fun, retro pair, and a holiday feels like a perfect excuse to purchase some. I’m currently liking this tortoiseshell cats eye style:

New Look Sunnies
Cat Eye Sunglasses, £5.99

Finally, and something completely unlike me:

New Look Playsuit
Stripe Playsuit, £14.99

I’m not really a fan of playsuits – they look cute enough, but having to basically get completely naked in public toilets whenever you need a wee has meant that since my early 20’s they simply haven’t featured in my wardrobe. On holiday though, you do things you wouldn’t do at home, and I think I could handle the public naked experience if it meant I got to wear this one. I have no idea whats gotten into me – pastels, yes, but peek-a-boo crop tops? Nuh-uh. Seems since I purchased this Chicwish two piece (yep, I gave in, though it didn’t have to try too hard) I’m a changed woman, because my desire to own it is currently outweighing my fear of baring my midriff in front of strangers. Pastels stripes and a bow can be a powerful thing, donchaknow….

And as I conclude my list (well, my list of New Look pieces, my overall list grows longer by the minute…) I’ve had an epiphany. I keep talking about how much these clothes remind me of my youth, and perhaps that’s actually what has attracted me to them? I was still a youngster last time I had a holiday, and it seems the idea of going away again has filled me with girlish glee again because I seem to be falling for clothing that reminds me of being 24, carefree and full of the joys of Spring. Normally I’d laugh if you told me I’d want to be dressing like my 24 year old self again, but actually, I think it’s kind of nice. I don’t think I’ll be ditching the circle skirts and tea dresses just yet, but it might be nice to relive the days when I felt like I had the bod to rock a peek-a-boo playsuit. I might not look quite as tight and toned in them these days, but I sure care a lot less what anyone thinks, so really, why the hell not? And anyway, isn’t doing things I wouldn’t normally do one of my rules for what makes it a ‘real’ holiday? Seems daft not to to extend that logic to my wardrobe too!



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