Lust Haves – Things I actually Need

So, I write a about a hell of a lot of things I really want. Like, really, really, want. Rarely though are they things that I need (not that I buy into that philosophy of only having what you need. It’s a nice idea, but BORING. I cannot abide it when people ask me ‘Why do you need so many shoes? You can only wear one pair at once!’ Yeah, well you can only wear one pair of knickers at once but you’d like to have more than one pair if possible, wouldn’t you?!) Anyway, getting to the point, which I know can take a while sometimes, while I’m often telling you about beautiful frocks and gorgeous skirts I’m oh-so-desperate to wear, I rarely bother to tell you about the very real and serious struggle of having gaps in my wardrobe that I just don’t seem able to close, so I decided today was the day you should hear that sorry tale.


A classic white shirt

White Shirt

I have white blouses a plenty, and more white tees than you can shake a stick at (by the way, am I the only one who doesn’t understand that phrase?) but I have never succeeded in finding that holy grail of tops, a crisp, white shirt, with a collar and cuffs that look perfect under a cute little sweater, and tails that can be worn both tucked in or out loose without looking like you wore it to bed. I don’t know why such a staple item should be so hard to find, but it bloody well is. Please someone point me in the right direction before I go insane.

A denim jacket

Denim Jacket

I seem to have managed to go at least 15 years without owning a denim jacket which seems absurd when I say it out aloud. The last time I remember sporting one was probably at university, and yet it is basically the perfect casual cover up during the warmer months. I really must get around to buying one, as it would surely help to stop my cardigan collection reaching ridiculous numbers. Or at least MORE ridiculous numbers. 17 is a pretty ridiculous amount of cardigans to own….

The perfect tan wedges

Tan wedges

I’ve alluded to this one before and still they elude me daily. There are plenty of tan wedges around, you see, but they need to be just right. Low enough to wear to work, but not so vertiginous I’d be tottering. They must have ankle straps rather than slingbacks. They must be the right shade of tan, and while cork or raffia are both acceptable materials, they mustn’t look cheap. I feel like I’ve considered at least 100 pairs this Summer and yet I still haven’t found the right ones. And I have about 20 outfits already mapped out in my head that can’t come to fruition until they are found. The struggle is real people. The struggle is real.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

That should actually read ‘any jeans other than skinny jeans’. They don’t have to be boyfriend jeans per se, as I fell I’m not quite cool enough to pull those off, but I really do need to find myself a pair of jeans that I can both dress up and dress down, but I don’t feel like you can see what change I have in my pocket. Tell me, where do you buy such jeans when your tum and bum are 10 times bigger than your scrawny little legs??

Red patent courts

Red Courts.jpg

My sister asked me if she could borrow a pair of red shoes the other week to go with a dress she’s wearing for a wedding, and these are exactly the shoes that came to mind. The perfect, classic, red patent courts, with a sexy, curvy shape and a pointed toe. One problem though, I don’t actually own any. Yes, me, she of all the shoes. Quite how this gap has come to be is rather a mystery and needs to be solved ASAP. It would already have been so if the pictured ones from Office hadn’t gone and bloody sold out. Woe is me….

So, any gaps you need to close in your wardrobe? Maybe we could do swapsies?!



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