Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin Senora

It feels a little wrong to be looking at Autumn/Winter collections in June. Particularly when you’re writing a post on the eve of jetting off on your Summer holidays. I am NOT ready to start thinking about the cold and dark and eternal gloom that is British Wintertime yet. Such is the life of someone who decides to write about clothes in her spare time though, ay?

This is one Autumn/Winter collection I welcome with open arms though. Yes, my most favourite of shoe designers, Monsieur Louboutin, has unveiled his latest collection to the world, and spoiler, it’s a stunner. It’s a pretty standard colour palette for that time of year – black, deep reds, leopard print and a bit of gold and sparkle for Christmas.There are a few typically ‘Louboutin’ surprises in there in the form of wacky angel wings and faux flames, but it’s a classic style that really drew my eye:

Louboutin Senora
Christian Louboutin Senora Patent, 100mm, £545

These Senora Patent T-Bar sandals are just gorgeous. So delicate and lady-like, with an almost 30’s style appearance, yet just vampy enough with that glossy claret colour, they remind me of the kind of shoes the heroine in a film noir would wear. They are by no means the most exciting shoes I’ve ever seen, but they are the kind of shoes I’d be willing to shell out upwards of £500 on (if I were so lucky) because I can truly imagine coveting them forever and ever and ever, amen.

And that, my friends, makes them just as dangerous as that mysterious spy-like chick from the film noir I was imagining…



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