Sunday Shopping – Hell Bunny Launches Online

I only own two pieces from Hell Bunny. One of them is my beloved Madden dress, a 40’s style, polka dot tea dress that was my first foray into vintage repro, something that caused my wardrobe to rapidly expand at an alarming rate. It might seem odd that since I love that dress so much I haven’t bought many other things from them, instead turning to other vintage style brands like Lindy Bop or Collectif, but that really comes down to availability. See, until now Hell Bunny was only available through third party retailers – my Madden dress was purchased through Amazon, for example – so  I didn’t come across them as often.

Thankfully though, Hell Bunny have righted that wrong by launching a brand new website! Now you no longer have to chance upon one of their lovely retro styles, they have them all under one roof awaiting your perusal! And peruse I have (all in the name of research, of course) and what did I find but a bevy of gorgeous vintage style clothes and swimwear, all at affordable prices and with 10% off your first order! Hmm. Seems like maybe the number of Hell Bunny pieces I own might be about to increase. Thanks for that Hell Bunny. Now I’ve got to think of excuses not to buy these pretties….



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