Outfit: The Dress Everyone Else Owns

Pink Dress 4

So, I don’t buy dresses brand new all that often. I’m just too much of a skinflint these days. Pretty much most of my purchases are either sale buys or eBay bargains, and actually, I’m quite ok with that thanks very much. It doesn’t cause me too many problems. I know what I like and it doesn’t matter to me if a dress came out two years ago if it means I get it at a fraction of the price. It also means it’s very rare that I encounter that awkward moment when you bump into someone else rocking the same frock as you. Frankly, no-one who is anyone is wearing my clothes anymore!

I made an exception with this one though, and paid the ultimate penalty. I spotted it in New Look while holiday shopping and thought why the hell not, it was cheap and cheerful and I was right in the middle of a major spoiling myself sesh so it seemed like a good idea. And it was – I’m very enamoured with this cute little dress. Trouble is, so is everyone else! I’d decided I was going to save it for my holiday, so diligently hung it up on the clothes rail just stopping by every now and then to admire the lovely rose print and silky fabric, while everyone around me immediately rushed out to buy it and parade it under my nose. Day 1, and my sister commented on a picture of a friend of hers wearing MY DRESS for her Birthday party. Day 4 and a girl sauntered past me at Foodies Festival wearing MY DRESS. A woman a good deal older than me that I passed in Grand Central even sported MY DRESS to what I’m assuming was a work meeting. Literally everyone was wearing it except for me. It was a strange feeling to be honest because I’m normally more likely to be left wondering if I’m slightly weird when I spot 50 of my current object of lust on an end of season sale rail! I was almost regretting my impulsive purchase.

I needn’t have worried though. For starters nobody in Greece was wearing it, and by the time I’d put it on I loved it too much to care if everyone else in the world was dressed like my twin. It kind of reminds me of a dress I owned when I was about 12 (not usually a source for fashion inspiration, 12 year old me’s closet!) and I felt a little girly and giddy wearing it. And if I’d learnt anything from watching it worn around me by all and sundry, it was that this dress was versatile. So what if I’m not the only one who has it? At least I’m in good company! So far since getting back I’ve not spotted it even once, so perhaps now the coast is clear, though I think that’s more likely because it has pretty much pissed it down with rain every day since we got back…

Here’s hoping for a few more days of sunshine so me and my dress-twins can wear it a few more times before the dark nights draw in!

Pink Dress 1Pink Dress 3Pink Dress 5Pink Dress 8Pink Dress 2Pink Dress 10Pink Dress 6Pink Dress 9Pink Dress 7



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