Fantasy Friday – Saint Tropez by The Pretty Dress Company

So, it started with this skirt. Then it was this dress. And now the obsession is out of control.

I just don’t know what it is about pink and white stripes but I feel like I gotta have ’em. I gotta have ’em all!!

Including this one:

Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez Pink Prom Dress, £150

Yes, this gorgeous bundle of pink and white stripy goodness is one of The Pretty Dress Company’s newest releases, and irritatingly it really lives up to the Brand’s name. Adorable. I really don’t want to be that kind of girls that squeals, ‘OMG, SO ADORBS’ at things, but I feel like the word adorable is the only word that fits. It makes me want to dye my hair blonde, tie it up in a bouncy ponytail and rush out to buy ankle socks. It makes me want to become Sandra Dee, basically. So I guess you could say the only thing wrong with it is that it could possibly be a little too sugary sweet for some tastes.

That doesn’t help me much, though, because of this:

Saint Tropez Pencil
Saint Tropez Pink Pencil Dress, £125

It also comes in a pencil-skirted version. A more grown up, sophisticated way to rock candy stripes. Grown up and sophisticated maybe, but no less adorable. Thankfully, I somehow manage to be resisting buying them (I say that like it’s some amazing act of willpower rather than the fact I just can’t afford to spend £300 on dresses I know I have nowhere to wear), but if they came in a slightly less girly colourway, like maybe silver and white say, I’d be in trouble.

Ah crap. They also come in silver and white….



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